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GRAPHICS2 Posts: 13,051
12/12/13 9:50 P

Cooked beans freeze very well. Be sure to freeze them in portions you would most likely use, so that you won't have thaw and refreeze.

HADLEY123 SparkPoints: (22,511)
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11/26/13 9:33 P

I do the same. Soak, then cook, then freeze. I use the plastic tubs from yogurt and sour cream and stuff then store one in the kitchen freezer and the rest in the deep freeze. Make sure you label them! Nothing worse than looking at a food-cicle and wondering what it is.

JMELBERG SparkPoints: (13,957)
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11/13/13 1:48 P

YES! Then freeze in portion size amount. They will ready when you are.

JULE1015 Posts: 104
11/11/13 10:56 A

I just soaked an entire bag of black beans and want to freeze half of them. Should I cook them before freezing?

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