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7/23/12 7:47 P

i sprained my knee last thursday. But it didn't stop me from doing my strength exercises. I've had an ice pack on it a number of times tidying tried to stay off of it . I won't be able to do a cardio tomorrow with the treadmill. But i am focusing on what i can do and not what i can't .

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7/23/12 10:06 A

I use machines for safety on bench press and shoulder presses especially because of having a bad right shoulder. Free weights are preferred but sometimes it makes sense to use machines.

7/22/12 1:27 P

i use free weights and machine . I have a bench with free weights. dumbells from 25 to 65. I have a cable machine which is super and the best machine in my mancave is drumroll! assist pullup and dip machine.I also use a treadmill and have an exercise bike. I'm 63 years old and want to lose 50lbs.i have has heart bypass surgery 6 years ago.I could benchpress 400lbs. But i am ready to lose some weight but have gotton weak. But if God be for me who can be against me. I weigh around 229 and would love to see 180.Losing this battle is not an option. Have a great day!

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7/21/12 9:22 P

Yeah, the fixed hinge machines are a little deceiving with the numbers. The cable pull ones are a little closer to actual weights since you use move secondary muscles to stabilize your movements...but actual weights are the best measurements.

7/21/12 2:06 P

so i went to the gym this morning with my gf to help coach her (I do that for her about 2x's a week) and on some exercises she doesn't need me. Today is a rest day for me so I had no plan to work out but her exercise was gonna take a little bit of time and so I wandered around the weight machines (I use free weights for nearly everything except leg curls & leg extentions).

So I go to the shoulder press machine and my gf had just been on it a few minutes prior but I thought I'd give it a go since it wasn't in use. The weight plates are set for each arm (idk why) so I set them at 50lbs each and do one rep, whoa, that was a bit easy, so I up'd it to 70 lbs each (140 total) and it was challenging but not my max. I set the plate weights to 100 lbs each (200 total) and did 8 reps. It was hard but man was I impressed with myself.

So this is why I don't like machine weights, it seems like lying to myself, I could NOT press 200 lbs of barbell above my head 8 reps.

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