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7/28/14 5:59 P

I did one several years ago called "THE FIRM" it was good.

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7/27/14 1:35 P

there are ton of options out there. You might want to check out YOUTUBE. there are thousands of different workouts (5 mins to 90 minutes) posted there that you could try.

As far as DVDs, lots of different options depending on your level of fitness and budget.

P90X is popular DVD set with members. So is Jillian's 30 Day Shred. You could also try the Biggest Loser workouts or check out CHALEAN. Her workout DVDs are popular too.

Also, you don't have to buy any of these. Go to your local library and borrow them. your library is not only a great resource for books, you can borrow DVDs too. Why not try a different DVD each week ?

ANGFAR Posts: 132
7/27/14 1:29 P

What is a good dvd for free weights? I have a kettle bell dvd, I'm looking for a simple free weight one. Thanks.

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