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Your best bet is to post this in the SparkTeam for your area. You're more likely to find others nearby that way.

Coach Jen

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6/7/14 1:34 P

Thanks for sharing...I may join the next time I go home to visit

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6/7/14 1:15 P

So my workouts are mostly DVD's , but it's so nice out and I hate being inside. I'm doing workouts Saturday mornings at 10:00 at East Shore Park in New Haven. Just me, a few people who want to exercise, and the laptop for the DVD's. I have a lot of programs, and will be rotating weekly. Would love to have a few more people join me . Today 5 of us did Body Beast Cardio together. All that is needed is a mat (we aren't on the ground, but sometimes there might be exercise where your hands are on the ground), water, and a willingness to work out. We will do a different workout weekly.
Message me if you might want to come, reply here, or email me and I can tell you the workout of the week.
I've lost 142 lbs to date and am working to my ultimate goal of 25 more lbs. But I love to support other people and get support with my goals....this is a great way to do that.

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