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6/29/11 12:44 A

emoticon Greetings and emoticon

Congrats on taking the next step to reaching a healthier you by getting active with SparkPeople - it's a great community, wonderful resources and fantastic support. You're off to a great start already, just by posting here, introducing yourself and sharing your story!
Please check out the SparkTeams - I think you will find a lot of others 'just like you' including many with the same challenges, circumstances and goals. You can choose SparkTeams by age group, lifestyle or interests, geographic location or several other ways.

Some of the teams I like and think you might like include the Official 10-minute Daily Exercise Streak Challenge, Starting Over Weekly Mini-Challenge Team, 10k Steps A Day and Motivation & Positive Attitude Plan - but there are so many to choose from, you can have a great time looking for the ones that seem to fit you best! In fact, I suggest joining more than one group, post your intro there and write blogs as often as you can - you will find tons of friends and support that way, I promise!!
In my experience, SparkPeople is like a emoticon in some ways - it's lots of fun and easy to make friends because we're all in this together. I like the way a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE is emphasized instead of a 'quick fix wonder diet' so it's good for people wanting to lose weight, maintain a previous loss, get healthier, improve fitness and many other goals including gaining weight or saving money - it's about waaaaaay more than 'just' losing weight so you have definitely come to the right place!
If you ever need any help using features of the site, there are tutorial videos under the HELP section that can show you how to use the features of the site. You can also find them on the START page and several other places on the site.
Be sure to read and 'study' The Spark book because it outlines the overall program and is compatible with most types of eating plans. It's available in printed version, as an audiobook or as an ebook for Kindle - you can download the free Kindle reader for your computer or read it on a smartphone so you don't have to actually own a Kindle device to take advantage of this offer - I have it on my Blackberry and can read bits of it whenever I'm waiting in a line or feel like I need a 'reminder' of what I'm trying to do so check it out!!!
If you haven't already discovered the SparkDiet linked at the bottom of the START page, check it out - the program is simple but extremely effective. There is a TON of information on this site - so much it might even seem overwhelming but fortunately we don't have to 'digest' everything at once! The FastBreak program is a good way to start.
Another nice thing about SparkPeople is that we have permission to be human - we don't have to change everything at once or be in a hurry to reach our goals. Take a few baby steps and then a few more and before you know it, you'll have completed a long journey - I hope you enjoy this community as much as I have - it teaches us how to make positive lifetime changes because that's the only thing that will work over time!

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6/28/11 5:13 P

Welcome aboard. With time and patience you can be forty and trim. Keep focused for success. You can do it. Go for it.

6/28/11 11:17 A

Welcome to SparkPeople! :)

9 lbs in 16 weeks is a healthy way to go....slow and steady wins the race!
Best wishes!

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6/28/11 10:01 A

Julie, welcome to SP! Like you I lost on WW then gained back a lot of my lost weight and found that I just couldn't get back with the program...when I found this site, it all clicked...I think mainly because as you say it alows us to live our normal lives with small changes that build into big results....those health habits we build become our life and it's a healthier fitter one! I know you can do this and I look forward to seeing your are fabulous as the last comment said.

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6/28/11 9:17 A

Hi Julie! Welcome to SparkPeople!
What a great journey you are on. Congrats for losing those 9 pounds! I know it doesnt feel like a whole lot right now, but that is a huge accomplishment. You can do this!
It sounds like you have the determination and drive to make this happen for yourself. Check into the teams and forums to keep on track and supported. Track everything and stay active.
You might be forty and carrying some extra body fat, but you are not forty and fat, you are forty and fabulous!

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6/28/11 9:01 A

hi Im Julie
since turning 40 ive really struggled with my weight ive put 2 stone on in the last year and no matter how hard i try my weight is just not dropping. I rejoined weight watchers as i found this successful 7 years ago when i lost 28 pounds. since they have changed the programme i could not get on with it so gave up after 16 weeks and only managing to loose a total 9 pounds. I found spark people on the internet and thought why not give it a go, I started 3 days ago and so far so good ive managed to stick to the calories and exercise every day, I feel so motivated by this programme as it gives me control to eat the same foods as everyone else and not deny myself anything. Im loving Spark people watch this space as im determind this time im gonna loose weight and get back to the old me.

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