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10/5/12 9:11 P


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10/5/12 4:12 P

Here in NZ we roast pumpkin and eat it as a savory side dish, like potato. You could try doing this, since pumpkin doesn't have a huge amount of calories in its natural state.

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10/5/12 3:42 P

My favorite is pumpkin pie baked oatmeal. Try googling it! Mmmmmm!!!!!

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10/5/12 2:50 P has a whole section devoted to pumpkin :)

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10/5/12 2:21 P

Here is another pumpkin recipe I just stumbled upon...

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10/5/12 12:53 P

10/5/12 11:12 A

It's fall which means my favorite treat is here and only for a limited time... pumpkin. Everything pumpkin related seems to be full of fat and/or sugar and always high in calories. Does anyone have any tricks in indulging without wrecking my diet? Any pumpkin goodies that aren't bad for us? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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