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MARCIEFIT Posts: 724
2/3/10 11:41 P

Whites...pasta, rice, flour, potatoes. Also big reduction in alcohol, working on coffee now.

MONARCHCT SparkPoints: (20,447)
Fitness Minutes: (39,179)
Posts: 325
2/3/10 9:33 P

I originally went "cold turkey" cutting out all sweets. As I became more educated on Spark, I gradually also changed white bread, rice, pasta, & potatoes to healthier brown rice, whole wheat bread & pasta, and usually sweet potatoes. I also began drinking water &/or crystal light instead of diet sodas. I've been diligent about exercising 5x per week. For 36 weeks I have averaged a pound a week and have only 4 pounds to go! Even when maintaining I will not go back to my previous eating habits.

2/3/10 4:37 P

Completely cut out alcohol. When I have a little it ends up as a lot. I almost never eat like fries and stuff anymore, either, and when I did the other day I felt sick during my workout. Also candy -- I never was much of a candy person anyway, but now I really don't even eat it when it's available at work, etc. Once in a blue moon.

MAJOOD85 Posts: 935
2/3/10 4:32 P

1. soda
2. chips
3. McDonald's
4. pizza
5. M&Ms

NIMNIX Posts: 312
2/3/10 4:31 P

I've completely cut out:
1. soda
2. potato chips
3. hamburgers and fries
4. pizza not made by me
5. candy

I've severely limited (down to a rare treat):
1. steak (I've had it once in the past... 3 months?)
2. dessert or frozen treats (not that I ate much before)
3. chicken wings
4. ribs
5. sourdough bread

KKJOHN3 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (15,337)
Posts: 727
2/3/10 4:28 P

BAD anything white and sugary!

YANKEEGIRL6 Posts: 1,183
2/3/10 4:22 P

No beers, no boxed wine, no cocktails, no Ketel One.

It sounds more like an AA meeting than a diet.

ANEWMELI Posts: 822
2/3/10 4:18 P

I initially cut out red meat and eggs. I switched from full fat to reduced fat or even fat free versions of yogurt, cottage cheese, cream cheese, etc. I am now working all of these back into my diet, but I think it helped to take some things out of my diet that weren't doing me much good.

Although I should mention that while I was gaining weight, I was still eating brown rice, whole wheat bread, wheat pasta, etc. So there weren't any changes for me in this specific department.

I think the biggest CUT I made in my diet was eating out. I used to eat out 4-5 times a week, whether it was lunch or dinner. But I began cooking EVERY DAY, even if it was just a sandwich or an egg white omelette.

I also cut out alcohol almost completely. Maybe one glass of wine a month...?

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CO0KIE9 Posts: 38
2/3/10 4:18 P

I have cut out fast food (this one was the big one for me always eating fast food every weekend), I cut out pop and only allow myself a glass or two on the weekend (only coke zero). I tend to eat more when I eat out with friends so I started having a glass of water then eat the food and take the rest home. Also with ice cream I've been finding no fat calorie friendly ones to eat...has anyone heard of ice cream called YoPro? I heard good things about them but can't find them anywhere!!

AOGOAE Posts: 4,073
2/3/10 4:18 P

alcohol and cookies. If I can just avoid cookies, that's about 1000 extra calories per week- if not more. I don't keep them in the house if I can avoid it.

Fitness Minutes: (6,174)
Posts: 185
2/3/10 4:15 P

I don't really believe in 'cutting out' foods...but I DO try to avoid anything deep-fried like the plague.

VGIMLET Posts: 2,580
2/3/10 4:12 P

Full fat ice cream, and many other ice-cream related treats (Blizzards..)

That's probably the only thing I have cut out totally. I still have everything else - just a lot less frequently, and a lot smaller portions.

KITTYMEOW112 Posts: 417
2/3/10 3:57 P

I guess im different than other people. Becauuse in order to succeed, i DO have to cut foods out..

-fruit, yeah allll fruit, because i dont stop.
-pretty much anything with sugar.

I have made my lifestyle change that I am going to have to stick to for the rest of my life, and low fat no sugar added diet, plant based&organic.

If i do have peanutbutter, ill eat the entire bottle, if i have a platter of fruit in my fridge, ill eat and eat and eat. any protein bar/sports bars, i eat them just like i could candy bars. So i have found that my enemy is sugar, and i honestly think thats what most people have issues with when it comes to their weight.

-just my 2 cents.

LISA_BUG Posts: 122
2/3/10 3:54 P

You don't want to deprive yourself otherwise you won't stay on track for very long. You can have some of the things that really aren't the best for you but keep it in portion control. If you are needing those extra items. Take 1 day out of the week and if you can go longer try for every 2 weeks or once a month.
Just don't cut it out completely so you binge on it down the road.

BREBRIT Posts: 2
2/3/10 3:41 P

I have cut out diet soda and candy. Other than that, I have cut way back on carbs and added a lot more vegetables and fruit to my diet. I feel awesome and it is starting to make a difference on the scale.

MUM-BUM Posts: 644
2/3/10 3:17 P

Absolutely nothing. I have lost almost 7 pounds since the beginning of the year and I have had fast food, cake, bagels, dinners out.... but I have stayed in my ranges and eaten mostly healthy food. I am not going to cut out all things the rest of my life, I need to learn to live with food and make healthy choices most of the time, not try to be perfect.
could I lose faster, probably, but slow and steady wins the race.

ELUCHT Posts: 87
2/3/10 3:13 P

I cut DOWN not OUT my wine consumption. Only 3 glasses a week, which sadly is a big reduction.

2/3/10 3:11 P

I cut out soda and limited my intake of almost none. Here and there I will satisfy a craving but for the most part I am trying to be as disciplined as humanly possible. Its just hard when u have a hispanic mother who cooks rice everyday with a different kind of meat that may or may not be apart of your diet regimen.

DONNETTASUE SparkPoints: (27,532)
Fitness Minutes: (27,137)
Posts: 1,662
2/3/10 3:05 P

My whole style of eating has changed. we don't eat out but maybe once a week if that. very very few fried foods, candy, chips, desserts, diet pop, and meals loaded with lots of cheese.

PATINOH Posts: 480
2/3/10 2:50 P

To be honest,have cut out a whole lot of stuff thru the yrs.....but eating too much of anything, even health food,causes me to gain.

I buy skim milk & have for longer than I remember.Haven't fried any food in many yrs.

For me,it's more a case of eating healthy & tracking every calorie..If it's the good stuff I track it & same for the other stuff. That's a huge sea change for me.At one time, one bite of anything "bad" & I was gone,back to eating whatever & too much of it.Have cut way down on salt & fats of all kind.

Now, it's yum,that was good & I liked it, but now it's time to track.Time to exercise.Time to keep on keeping on.

MYREALANA SparkPoints: (30,332)
Fitness Minutes: (21,950)
Posts: 3,865
2/3/10 2:27 P

Fast food.

I haven't had any in 46 days, and neither have my kids. Nor will we in the future, except perhaps on rare occasions.

WAKEGIRL125 Posts: 169
2/3/10 2:09 P

real ice creams, soda, sweet tea...

PKTREKGIRL SparkPoints: (1)
Fitness Minutes: (10,959)
Posts: 1,120
2/3/10 1:51 P

2% milk (bumped it to 1% - still can't do skim. Makes me hurl.)

Red meat (did not 'cut it out' - just cut it WAY back)

Sweets - in particular, 'real' ice cream, which is my biggest weakness in life.

2/3/10 1:50 P

It's still early days for me yet, but I'm another person who decided not to cut out everything, but just try to have smaller portions or make them rare treats. I had a small McDonald's french fries package on Sunday for the first time in the month I've been on SP, and they tasted *wonderful*!

I have this sort of weird mentality where if I say to myself, "You can't have this!" then I go, "Oh yeah?" and eat twice as much. It's silly because who am I rebelling against? Myself? But it happens every time, so this time, I'm just working with it.

GOCELTICSGO Posts: 1,789
2/3/10 1:42 P

Soda...but it's hard for me sometimes in the afternoon...I need the bubbly. So, I switch to perrier or pellegrino.

MEGANE2007 SparkPoints: (24,109)
Fitness Minutes: (73,773)
Posts: 693
2/3/10 1:38 P

-non-complex carbs like white bread, pastas, and rice
-most cheese
-most alcoholic drinks (I still have wine and beer every now and then-it's the mixed drinks that have so much calories and sugar!)
-mexican and fried foods
-at chinese restaurants i only get sushi
-i have a major sweet tooth so i can't cut out all sweets but i definitely avoid the kinds of things that can be bought from a vending machine!

2/3/10 1:31 P

Full fat ice cream
Pizza ( I eat it once every 2 months or so now )
Most pasta
Bread ( I get my grains elsewhere )

LADYAMELIA SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (50,180)
Posts: 974
2/3/10 1:17 P

Fast food (i.e. McDonald's, Burger King, KFC, Wendy's, etc.) and fried foods.

2/3/10 1:14 P

I cut out the junk food that I really didn't like much. They aren't worth the calories. I can't say I stopped eating fast food because I might do it, but I will certainly make better decisions (for example either get the burger or get the fries, but not both!). I had a cookie for the first time in a long time and I realized that I didn't even like it much. Those are the types of things that I will not eat.

Prepackaged foods are easy to eliminate. I just try to make it from scratch to avoid all the sodium.

2/3/10 12:57 P

Wow, where does everyone get the discipline to cut out all those yummy foods? I'm trying to reduce portion sizes and let those treats be actual "treats" and not something I eat 10 times a day. Instead of eating 6 of those individual size Cadbury Mini Eggs bags I shared one bag with a friend yesterday. Progress...

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LIZSTALEY SparkPoints: (22,839)
Fitness Minutes: (14,091)
Posts: 906
2/3/10 12:45 P

Chocolate, cookies, cake, sweetened tea, fried food.

Mainly though I eat just about whatever I want so long as I stick to a serving size and I have the room in my plan for it! Fried food makes me feel sick now when I eat it though. Yuck!

MEGAN2885 Posts: 56
2/3/10 12:43 P

fast food and junk food

SMPO79 Posts: 221
2/3/10 12:42 P

I cut out sugar soda years ago, and thank the lord that stuck.

I also avoid anything too starchy.

Most importantly...I've cut out alcohol from Sunday through Thursday nights. Still waiting to see what kind of impact that will have. :)

Other than that I just try to eat as many fresh things as possible and avoid the packages and cans.

2/3/10 12:38 P

processed foods
wheat & cheese (both are bigtime trigger foods for me!)

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PIXIEDUST22 Posts: 1,218
2/3/10 12:30 P

You know, I never really thought I had completely eliminated foods from my diet, and when I started I didn't create a list of things that I was completely swearing off, but now that I think about it there are some foods that I haven't eaten since starting with Spark in September that I used to eat with some regularity. There might be more but these are what come to mind: bagels, fast food, anything fried, mac and cheese, candy bars, red meat, adding sugar or salt to anything.

I would eat any of those foods in moderation now, but with all of the healthier foods I've introduced into my diet, I just don't seem to have room for those anymore! That being said though, I did just have my first Ben& Jerry's since starting my diet and it was delicious! (Though I limited myself to one of those little mini containers instead of an entire pint, which is what I would have done in the past)

2/3/10 12:26 P

Fast food in general, I don't even remember the last time I ate out though I am planning for chinese this weekend (woohoo!) I still eat whatever I want I just cut down on a lot of it or I'll have something once a week instead of everyday.

2/3/10 12:25 P

- most fast food
- pop
- red meat
- candy
- chips
- baked goods (may indulge in a 'treat' once in awhile)

LEYLA2 Posts: 307
2/3/10 12:08 P

sorry i shouldn't of meant cut down on?? i too couldnt completely cut out those things i listed, but i do have to watch my intake :)

2/3/10 10:51 A

I've cut out most fast food. I used to eat it quite often. But I have only eaten it a couple of times in the last month. And I don't miss it too much!

MYCUTEGIZMO Posts: 3,845
2/3/10 10:48 A

That will definitely have to be sugared sodas!!

LANSELMI SparkPoints: (58,459)
Fitness Minutes: (53,763)
Posts: 1,555
2/3/10 10:48 A

Anything white, diet soda (although its the ahrdest thing for me) and fast food. When we do eat out we tend to go to sit down restaurants and I special order what I want and how I want it

2/3/10 10:42 A

I don't know if there's a food I can say I will NEVER eat again (I hate saying never anyways), but here's a list of what I have severely cut down on/haven't eaten since I started here:

1. Bad fast food (I still will eat Wendy's chili and baked potato for example--not ALL of it is bad)
2. Fried stuff
3. High-sodium soups and frozen meals
4. Full fat milk/ice-cream/dairy in general
5. mashed potatoes
6. white bread

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KOYEWOLE SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (47,126)
Posts: 151
2/3/10 10:26 A

Everything fried and after a month or two it all tasted like crap. I tried a french fry about 2 years ago and those are awful.

ZORBS13 SparkPoints: (191,913)
Fitness Minutes: (186,908)
Posts: 15,781
2/3/10 10:21 A

McDonalds. Will never, EVER eat it again.

2/3/10 10:18 A

What has helped me is scaling back on junk food. It's really easy to do especially when you don't have a job. I only eat out 1 day a week now and it's only one meal within my caloric range. No food has been totally off limits because if it is I will totally crave it.

2/3/10 10:13 A

to lose weight I cut out sugar, all processed foods, most meats and most dairy = in short, eating mostly vegan but it is working!

KAYLA200 Posts: 956
2/3/10 10:10 A

There isn't anything I cut out specifically that I'll never eat again. I'm just eating less junk.

KALORIE-KILLAH SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (19,921)
Posts: 5,261
2/3/10 10:00 A

I've cut down on food in general. I don't engourge on food anymore. I'm not gluttonous like I used to be, eating half a meat-lover's pizza (dunked in blue cheese dressing) and breadsticks for dinner.

The main thing that I made sure to significantly cut down on is sodium. It's a silent killer that many people don't realize is a problem in their lives. It took a lot of work, but looking out for my sodium intake is second nature now.

Other than that, I still eat the things I love... just in moderation. I make smart choices, but I don't tell myself that any food is "bad" or "off-limits" because I'd go crazy! Food isn't the evil thing -- it's my mentality and lack of control that got me overweight!

It's like blaming a match for starting a wildfire when it's really person that struck the match.

Edited by: KALORIE-KILLAH at: 2/3/2010 (10:01)
2/3/10 9:48 A

Fast Food
Full-fat dairy

LEYLA2 Posts: 307
2/3/10 9:41 A

hi there, thought it would be interesting to list the foods you cut down or cut in order to see weight loss results.

here is mine

1) parathas (rotees fried in oil)
2) muffins
3) potatoes
4) bagels
5) chocolate bars

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