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1/25/13 12:51 P

Some random swaps:

stevia instead of (IO) sugar
plain greek yogurt IO dips
herbs, spices IO salad dressings
lettuce wrap IO breads
raw spinach IO lettuce
kale crisps IO potato chips

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1/25/13 12:29 P

Its not an instant resource but the "eat this not that" books are a great way to put snacks and eating out in perspective, even homemade foods. Gives great ideas of the better alternatives to just about everything. I found mine on ebay for about 4-6 bucks.

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1/24/13 10:26 P,

a couple of old threads were this has been discussed

I'm pretty sure there have been Daily Spark Blogs on this subject too.

and you may be able to find some articles on the nutrition page

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1/24/13 8:02 P

Would it help to use our SP meal plans to get ideas. There are also substitutions for foods on the meal plans or you can make your own. Do you have the meal plans turned on??

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1/24/13 6:44 P

Here are a few of my swaps:
take out any oil in recipes and replace with unsweetened applesauce
replace any sour cream for plain greek yogurt (even in cheesecake this works)
change out your flour for white wheat flour
I really like kraft 2% milk cheeses. they are lower calorie than the standard and melt good.
instead of potato chips try popchips or a popcorn chip (popcorn indiana or Special K brands)


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1/24/13 2:58 P

Is there a section where we can find food swaps so that we are eating better choices.

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