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7/16/13 3:02 A

Good for you Irene for recognizing the different impacts of different carb sources on the body. Great loss.

7/15/13 7:43 P

Honestly, sweet potatoes and pumpkin can easily fit into your healthy eating plan. Both are veggies with great nutritional benefit. Of course the sweet potato has more carbohydrates than the pumpkin.

1/2 cup cooked sweet pot = 20 grams carb
1/2 cup cooked pumpkin = 10 grams carb

As you track your food intake at SP, just make sure you are staying within your carb range---using these types of health promoting carbs.

SP Registered Dietitian

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IRENE4548 Posts: 54
7/15/13 5:23 P

thank you so much. On the food lovers carrots are a slow carb, which made me question the pumpkin.

EMAVERICK Posts: 7,229
7/15/13 4:27 P

There is another good reason to cook for ourselves. The calorie values on packaged foods (and menus) can be a lowball amount because the manufacturer is required to provide -at least- the amount of calories listed. It is safer for their compliance to over-deliver.

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7/15/13 4:16 P

The less packaged food you eat, the easier it is to avoid sodium. When I eat only whole, fresh foods, I have a nice, low sodium intake. Add just a couple of packaged items in a full day, and it goes up pretty quickly. Avoiding table salt is also very helpful; you can use other flavoring agents during cooking to get more flavor.

I was unfamiliar with the terms "fast" and "slow" carbs but I've heard similar terminology many times and I assume it's related to glycemic index and/or glycemic load, so you can probably find the answer to your question if you google that. Or use one of my favorite nutrition sites, which gives a TON of information for a TON of different foods, including glycemic load:

According to that, raw pumpkin has a glycemic load of 3, which I believe would make it "slower" than raw sweet potato which has a glycemic load of 11. Cooking or canning would likely change that a bit, but the site has values for those, too.

IRENE4548 Posts: 54
7/15/13 3:35 P

I got weighed at TOPS and lost 4 lbs. This is really working for me. They ask that no more than 700 grams of sodium per meal. I really need to work on that. One thing I can not find is if pumpkin is a fast carb or slow carb. Sweet potatoes are a fast carb but has more sugar.

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