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7/24/14 2:29 P


How reflective and insightful of you to think of all these different things that can be the root of our attachments to food. And I also think you should be proud of yourself for making a commitment to change, for so many different reasons.

However, I think you should be celebrating your love for food! It's just a matter of creativity, and channeling that love into creating food that you love but is also nourishing and good for your body.

Especially since you said you love cooking and have stacks of recipes, the journey may be even easier for you than those who despise cooking and default to fast-food or take-out. There are lots of websites that give modifications on how to cook healthier, and I bet you will be a champ at knowing what subs well for something else in certain recipes.

Stay positive. You can do it!

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7/24/14 12:28 P

I don't buy the argument that Mom's "over-feed" us to compensate for something else.

We eat because we MUST eat. Over-eating is a choice. I know it because I've done it. It has nothing to do with love or the lack of it.

It's a choice.

Make better choices.

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You can love food and still be fit. Food is not an enemy. We need portion control and common sense. Savoring every bite of something yummy is a lot better and more satisfying than scarfing it down without even tasting it. You find you need a lot less to make you happy. emoticon

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7/24/14 11:39 A

reading the article on "nothing ever changes if we don't change" made me think "why" do i overeat? maybe its my moms fault for feeding me till i was stuffed as a baby because they feared we would die if they didn't feed us properly? i need to forgive her, it wasnt her fault.
maybe in reality we are hunting for love and we substitute food as the material object? theres an old saying that you have to love yourself first before anyone else will love you. i really dont like myself, mainly because i dont like the way i feel or look. so i will start to see my food differently, ill try not to overeat. food is such a big part of our life, my favorite channel is food tv, i love to cook and even shop for food. i have a stack a foot high of recipes i have printed from the internet, my pinterest boards are mostly about food. this is really a battle for me. i have taken to heart the stories of the "100 pound losers" that have finally felt better emotionally and physically, we can do it!! my sister just sent me a link to an overeaters website, im going to check that out today. the turtle won the race emoticon

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