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5/31/13 7:42 P

Here at Sparkpeople you can make your nutrition tracker public or private. Yours is currently public.

At a quick glance, I suggest you do a pantry cleaning job at your home. Get rid of the less healthy foods and replace with healthier versions and stock up on more fruits and veggies to include at least 5 servings daily.

Things to pitch:
honey crunch corn flakes
dunkin doughnuts
home fried potatoes
hot dogs
ice cream

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5/31/13 6:06 P

I need to eat a lot healthier than I do. I am not sure if this is like my fitness pal in the fact people can see your food logging and receive suggestions and advice on eating. in case here is what I eat to much of: carbs (bad carbs) bagels, cereal, bread etc. Sugar your sweets that are not good for you and fats. I need to incoroperate healthy eating fruits, veggies etc.

one of my challenges is I binge 10% of the time and undereat 90% of the time. I also emotionally eat. and need to find healthier outlet to share my emotions instead of food

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