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The previous poster has given you some good advice. You might also consider asking your doctor for a referral to see a registered dietitian. That person can help create a meal plan based on your needs to make sure you're getting all of the nutrients you need on a daily basis.

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen

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I come from a family of food allergies - and I have them too! My little g/son has life-threatening ones to many - eggs, dairy, nuts and kiwifruit being the worst.

Anyway, I suggest that you make a list of what you CAN eat. Put them into groups like Carbs, Fats, Protein. Then go through that list and you can make your choices based on them.

Where it comes to veges and not liking them, it is often not because you don't like them, but rather haven't found a way TO like them. It may be that things like lightly cooked spinach with a very little bit of powdered nutmeg over it, or Swiss Chard with some plain yoghurt. It may be a mixed Roast Vege Salad - bit-sized chopped potato, pumpkin, capsicums, courgettes, onion, mushrooms, and then drizzle a balsamic vinaigrette over them hot or cold, and sprinkle over some sesame seeds. It may be that you could make vege soups and puree them with a stick mixer or blender. Put some curry in, or a tiny bit of chilli. It might be that you make some casseroles with chicken or beef, and dice up some veges to extend it, and add some lentils. Can you eat hummus? If so, then having some julienne'd veges using the hummus as a dip might be nice to try.

You might like to try some smoothies - you can make them using berries. My daughter makes her little boy's ones with fruit AND veges mixed. She often puts in spinach and beetroot with banana, peaches, frozen peas (even minted peas) cucumber etc. and his Rice Milk. Some she freezes into little ice-blocks for him.

I had a look at the SP meal plan initially, but didn't do it. For a start we are the total opposite side of the seasons, and secondly, a lot of what is available in the States, we don't have here, and some have never heard of. I have total control over my choice of food, which I think if you are capable, is the way to go because then you take your likes/dislikes and what you fancy that day, into account.

Good luck,

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I am trying to make a habit of eating healthier, but I have no idea where to start. I have a lot of food allergies. All nuts, most fish, soy, buckwheat, carrots, coconut, even coffee. I am a picky eater, but I am trying to expand. I like berries, but I have never really liked veggies but I am willing to start eating some. I wanted to try to follow the eating plan provided by spark people but they have a lot of nuts. And its not just nuts it will be something like toast with peanut butter which I cant have. The fish was pretty easy becasue I was able to exclude that but the nuts and the buckwheat which is in a lot of cerals I dont know. Any suggestions for substitutions?

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