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1/17/13 12:58 A

thanx all. I think that'll help hubby too. he's having knee discomfort from tight thigh muscles so will put on my wishlist. thanx.

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1/17/13 12:09 A

Try your public library for books or DVDs, too. You really don't need much instruction -- just put the foam roller on the floor, put the body part you want to roll on the roller, and, well, roll it. Lift your upper body off the floor with your hands so that you're putting full body weight on the body part you're rolling for the full effect.

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1/16/13 10:25 P

I don't use mine regularly (though I should). I got it when I had an IT band injury, and it really helped a lot! My boot camp instructor showed me how to use it for that, and when I've used it since, I just Google and/or search YouTube for how to foam-roll the muscle group I want to target.

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1/16/13 9:21 P

okay for some reason I thought it would much spendier haha

any advice on where to get a good foam roller dvd/ book?

1/16/13 9:00 P

Not sure what you classify as spendy but you can get a good foam roller at Walmart or Kmart for about $20. They are well worth that cost if you use them regularly.

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1/16/13 7:41 P

I use the foam roller in my gym and it's great. I run a lot and my left leg gets sore (the iliotibial band is really tight). After I started using the foam roller 3-4x/week, just for about five minutes at a time, I noticed that my leg was no longer sore. Now I use it regularly. It feels amazing. Painful, but amazing. The tighter you are, the more it hurts, I'll just warn you now, haha. But then it feels wonderful.

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1/16/13 7:22 P

has anyone here ever tried foam roller? it looks like it would be interesting to try. I'm a lil antsy to try somethine spendy w/o a lil research.

so . . . . tell me your experiences with it please

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