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10/31/13 7:36 P

You can do this! Feel free to add my on FB for support there as well. I have a lot of friends on FB that are from Spark. We help hold eachother accountable on there as well (which helps bc I'm on FB a lot). You can find my weight loss journey on FB. It provides a lot of support, motivation, diet and exercise tips etc!

Good luck!

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10/10/13 12:04 P


Finding a fitness/nutrition buddy isn't easy. because everyone is so different, finding someone with similar interests or goals will be a challenge. I would start by reading this great Spark article. I believe you'll find it helpful.

10/10/13 11:46 A

Recently I haven't been doing that well nutrition/exercise wise and I've read somewhere that fitness buddies can be very beneficial, none of my friends are into exercising so I almost always do it alone. I wanted a fitness buddy so I can be held accountable and provide motivation to each other. If anyone's thinking the same feel free to message me!

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