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8/2/12 6:36 P

When you bank calories or burn extra so that you can have an occasional treat. is best not to make a habit of it....but say you want to go to dinner and you know your going over your range for the could offset it each day by eating a bit less (not starving or skipping meals) and add an extra workout to help offset the overage. The goal being eating in a deficit for the week...instead of the day. But you want to be able to eat more every day than what spark already recommends than you need to increase your fitness goals and exercise for the week so that you are still in deficit. Spark will then recalculate your calorie ranges. The only thing with doing this on a regular basis is that you must commit to it and be able to keep up with it and not burn yourself out. I find it is better to do it on occasion rather than making normal. It is easier to eat than it is to exercise...and it is usually the exercise that will go first and you will be left with all those calories you ate.

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oh ok! makes sense, hence the range I see on a daily basis! thank you!!!

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Make sure your goals are accurately set. Then make sure your calories burned (estimate) is accurately set in your fitness tracker. SP will automatically set up a caloric/nutritional range for you. You eat in that, it takes into account the calories you're burning through exercise as well as your BMR. You do not "eat back" or "bank" your calories.

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i'm new as of this week,,,,,I LOVE this site!! anyway, I track my food and my fitness I correct in seeing the fitness calories are not put back on the calorie counter to be able to use them?
so if I want to use them.............I see how much I burned and pick a food accordingly and track it that way? can I accumulate the calories if I want to treat myself at the end of the week?
thank you!!!

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