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1/14/13 12:27 P

I guess it depends on what information you're looking to get from a device as to what you want......

I wanted something to record steps and calorie burn and I wanted immediate feedback so I knew how much I had at that particular moment.....

I don't know why you'd take it off during dancing? dancing is steps and exercise.... I would want that recorded...... I don't ever remove mine except at bedtime and the zip does not record sleep and I'm ok with that..... I don't need something to tell me when I'm asleep and that was why I didn't bother with the more expensive fitbit models........

I want my zip to count every step........ I want to know when I've reached my 10,000 step goal........ if at 9 pm I still need 3,000 steps well I like knowing that so I can workout or walk or do more to reach my goal....... without my zip I have no clue how many steps I day I walk.....

The body bugg did that....... and recorded steps and calorie burn too...... BUT I could not wear it any place that I did not get severe blistering...... I am talking blisters the size of a quarter!!! very painful and then I'd be hunting another area to try and wear it....... no matter how many times I cleaned it.... or where I put it I kept getting blisters....... and then paying to use it yet.... and I didn't like having to log food on the body bugg site as well as spark people site.... and then add the steps and calorie burn from body bugg back to spark people..... I could spend hours on the computer when I could have been doing something else!

I imagine there are other makes and brands of devices that record steps and activities..... but I'm very happy with the zip and happy it sync's with spark people

like I said it comes down to what you want this to do?

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1/14/13 2:07 A

FitBits are good for people who need extra motivation to be more active (ie, take the stairs, park further away, go on their walks, etc). There are no extra fees unless you want "premium" access or something like that, which is not necessary to use the product at all. It is much like a pedometer, but it gives a calorie readout/estimate for the day. The FitBit One (I think that's the new one out) tracks flights of stairs climbed too and tracks sleep, which is also nice. They are small and discreet. And yes, they do automatically sync with SP. They are typically all people need when looking for basic fitness trackers.

Personally I prefer armbands. They are more expensive, require a usage fee, but to me are just more useful, because they track not just steps and movement that way but also heat flux and the electric response to skin to give a more accurate calorie burn for the day, especially if you do gym exercises, because to me, that's half the point of having an activity tracker. But if you are OK with the SP estimates for non-step-based exercise, it's not necessary.

One thing I am not sure on: how the FitBit works for dancing (or something similar where it can register steps but not the arm movements). I assume you should take it off before you dance so you can add in calories later, but I've never used a fitbit to track that stuff, so I'm not sure.

WINSTONSUZ Posts: 5,674
1/13/13 10:43 P

I have the fitbit zip and I love it! there are no other charges for using it which is one of the reasons I like it...... I like that it automatically sync's with sparkpeople and will post your steps for the day and your activity....... I like that you can just keep it in your pocket and no one has to know you're using it...... I like that the food entries on spark people are sync'd back to the fitbit website...... I'm very happy with it!

I had bought the body bugg ( a LOT more expensive) but you wear it on your arm and in summer people were always looking at it strange and would ask what it is....... it also caused severe and painful blisters to my arm..... it did not sync with sparkpeople so you still had to transfer info from body bugg to spark people........PLUS the biggest issue is you had to keep paying to use it!!!!!! look I BOUGHT your device I shouldn't have to keep paying to use it!

I've also use the Nintendo DS game walk trainer....... it has a gadget about like the Zip you carry with you...... BUT for this you have to keep "playing the game" and it was a little childish comparing you to a galloping horse or a grazing sheep...... and of course it didn't tell you calorie burn but steps which I also had to enter to spark people and if you didn't do it EVERY day you lost your information!!

Hope that helps! good luck!

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1/13/13 8:22 A

Hi all! I am rather computer illiterate, but I saw Target has the fit it on sale for $49, and I have heard so much talk about them, but was just wondering about them. What can anyone tell me about it, is there any extra hidden charges?
input is appreciated!
emoticon in advanced!

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