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fitbit vs pedometer

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6/14/13 4:27 P

forgot about the motivational messages. it will also send you messages like "lets move" or "vamos" if you are sedentary too long.

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6/14/13 3:19 P


The Fitbit also measures elevation. If you climb a set of stairs or a steep hill, not only is that measured as steps taken, it's also measured in height. The Fitbit has a reading called stairs. Depending on how many high you climb in a day, you might get a motivational message that says,"congratulations, you just climbed to the top of Big Ben" or something along those lines. I never really pay attention to my messages. eh-hem.

Yes, the fitbit will periodically show motivational messages congratulating you on how many steps you've taken, how high you've climbed, etc.

The Fitbit is pricey at $99, but that's because of the technology. The technology that allows the Fitbit to do all the things it does is why the price is so expensive.

Do you need one to be fit ? If you already have a pedometer, you don't need the Fitbit. The Fitbit (like a gym membership or pedometer) is a tool you could use to help you be a bit fitter.
What you get out of it really depends on how much use you get out of it.

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6/14/13 2:18 P

my fitbit is tiny and clips to my bra. The one measures steps, stairs, calories burned for the day, has a timer on it that you can use for an intensive workout or sleep patterns. I also like that it encourages me to add petals to my flower. Love getting my 10 petals. It also links up to the computer and SP.
The Fitbit One is about $99. Fitbits customer service is great and there is a large following on FB. There are some really good motivational people. I like the charts on the fitbit site and you can find friends who use it as well and challenge each other.

The flex is water resistant but it is more of a bracelet and it doesn't do stairs.

It will be a personal choice if you want to change. I have tried a variety of pedometers and have found nothing motivates me more than my little buddy.

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6/13/13 10:13 P

Please help...I have a new balance pedometer that Iove. .I have been reading about how you all love your fitbit. Now my pedometer measures distance calories steps, you can upload into computer. It was only $20. What would the fitbit do differently???? Please educate me!!!!!

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