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6/5/13 3:56 P

The info that syncs from the Fitbit includes all moderate and vigorous activity. I find that it counts things like an easy walk around the neighborhood with my kids, which doesn't elevate my heart rate and isn't something I would consider to be "exercise". The only way to avoid that is to manually enter your own workouts based on the activities you're doing.

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen

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6/5/13 1:51 P

you can track fitness minutes manually on SP

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6/5/13 12:06 P

Are you updating your fitness goals regularly? If you burn more calories than SP originally calculates for you, it will set your nutrition goals too low. Sorry I can't be more help

6/5/13 11:33 A

How do i get my numbers to be more realistic?. My fitbit said I burned 750 cal yesterday, and entered that as a fitness entry. ( i walked on the treadmill for 30 minutes plus my daily steps for about 8,000 steps). Then my bmr said i burn 2,500. together, they are too high and throw my daily calorie differential off. How do I make them more realistic?

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