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1/24/12 3:02 A

And you're back on track today....that's what counts emoticon

1/23/12 4:36 P

You're right, of course. And it didn't derail me. I counted the calories towards b'fast and lunch today, then had a good dinner. But even better, the dog is perking up!!!! I'm sure it's a muscle or ligament strain, she barked for the 1st time in 3 days and went down the stairs herself!

1/23/12 12:10 P

You did the right thing taking her to the vet. I know your frustration that nothing was found. The flip side of that is, certain serious conditions have been ruled out. Hope she recovers soon.

Meanwhile, "Uh-ohs" will happen. We are human. Don't let one uh-oh derail you from your plan emoticon

1/23/12 6:57 A

Made it to day seven, 8pm, and caved in to my desire to crunch away stress :o( My pomeranian has either injured itself, or something is wrong that the vet couldn't detect on Friday. We've been giving her the bland diet and antibiotics he prescribed, but thre days in, it seems to be more of a muscle pull or a tear somewhere. Xray didn't show a problem. Anyway, she's not barking, eating much, or able to go up steps, and it has me stressed because (a) I love her and it distresses me to see her this way and (b) the vet couldn't find the problem Friday, charged me $178, and I can't really afford to go back. So last night I got out the box of cheerios and ate them dry, like half a box. Sigh....back on track today!

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