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8/31/12 9:42 P

Thank you. I may have to put it in my dining room also. And I will be proving my point. Thanks again.

Keep at it one day at a time and remember to not let a bad day continue into days, weeks and years.
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8/31/12 2:26 P

Good for you. The "place" for my treadmill is in our dining room. It works as a constant reminder to use it. And, it is in a convenient spot. My house isn't HOME & GARDEN -- but it is lived in. So, it works for me.


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8/31/12 8:29 A

Sometimes you just have to prove your point. That's how it's been with my bushes. When we got and estimate for taking having someone take them out, it was too high and my DH wouldn't have it. I've spent the summer chopping and now he's willing to find a way to get the stumps out. Like you, proving my point was great for my fitness! WIN-WIN! emoticon

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8/30/12 10:34 P

I am sure that once he sees that you are committed he will move it for you. Keep up the great work.

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DIANESAV1 Posts: 224
8/30/12 10:09 P

Ok I hadn't used my treadmill in years so it was put in the attic with no place to plug it in because the spare bedrooms have been turned into office space.

Now I am trying to find a place to put it so that I can start using it again. I am motivated right now and I am walking outside in the woods and on the side of the road but I want a place for the winter. I may have to have it in the shed and wear a jacket to use it but at least I will be able to use it.

It is a little hard to convince my husband that I will use it this time since I was so convincing when he agreed to buy it and used it for maybe a month.

Wish me luck!! Right now I will have to show him by continuing my walks outside so he knows I mean business this time. There is still time before winter to find a space.
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Keep at it one day at a time and remember to not let a bad day continue into days, weeks and years.
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