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MARLIESE01 SparkPoints: (18,077)
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8/5/12 9:55 A

One day at a time. Just stay focused on being healthy and making good choices today. This is my fourth week and had no change on the scale the last three until today, down 2lbs. It gets frustrating when it comes off slow but stick with it. You will see results. emoticon

JIBBIE49 Posts: 61,775
8/4/12 9:13 A

U can release FIVE pounds 10 times and get to that goal weight. Just DON'T QUIT. Most of the people go back to old eating habits and regain, so DON'T QUIT.

KRIS170 Posts: 65
8/3/12 9:52 P

THANKS to everyone for all the support. I am finally starting to see small changes. 6 pounds down & 7 total inches lost. Many more times that to go but it is a start! I have been allowing myself 1 "FREE" meal per week. That has helped me to stay focused but not feel deprived. emoticon

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