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1/15/13 7:10 P

congrats keep it up!
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1/15/13 4:13 P


It's a new dawn....
It's a new day....
It's a new life for me...
And I'm feeling good...

I will be overweight for a little bit longer ...but starting TODAY, I will be a little less overweight than I was yesterday!
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1/14/13 9:51 P



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1/14/13 11:53 A


SPKRAUSE Posts: 543
1/14/13 11:20 A

Congrats -- well done!

"Habe nun, ach! Philosophie, Juristerei und Medizin, Und leider auch Theologie Durchaus studiert ..." (Goethe, "Faust")
BIG_BEAR73 Posts: 1,584
1/14/13 8:04 A

whoo hoo!/gwledford
MOTIVATED@LAST Posts: 14,682
1/14/13 6:13 A

Well done!

The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.
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1/13/13 3:20 P

Congratulations! Way to go!

CAROL_HOORAH Posts: 1,367
1/13/13 2:28 P

awesome congrats!!!! way to go!

Carol, David, Elena Rose & Felicity Iris Ruth

Highest weight: 276lbs
Lowest weight: 167lbs

Desired maintenance range: 170-180lbs
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1/13/13 1:23 P

That's great! Good for YOU!!
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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1/13/13 12:06 P

emoticon right behind you soon we can say good bye to the 150's emoticon emoticon

KANDOLAKER Posts: 1,902
1/13/13 11:34 A

Congratulations!! You are so close to your goal and best wishes in obtaining it soon!!


“There are two primary choices in life: to accept conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them”
¯ Denis Waitley

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NSTARSMITH Posts: 3,650
1/13/13 11:26 A

Way to go YOU! Sodium is a trickster, for sure. Dang! Good to add it to the tracker. Excellent progress! Spark ON!

You’ll get where you want to go as long as you are taking more steps in the right direction than the wrong one.
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1/13/13 8:26 A

I weigh 161.8 lbs today. Down 3.7pounds this week.I haven't been able to go below 163 in years. Last week I had a 1.7 pound gain and I didn't want to be frustrated so I kept doing my January Jumpstart Fitness workout. I haven't missed a day since I began. I added Sodium to my food traker So I lost the gain + 2 pounds . I am now 6.8 pounds from my goal weight and where I was after my gastric bypass. emoticon emoticon

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