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Thanks for the suggestion. In fact I do use frozen veggies now. I forgot to include a can of corn is the recipe. This also can be replaced by frozen corn. You will be surprised by how filling this soup is. It goes a loooong way! You can also replace the sauce with tomato puree, or more tomato soup. I also add a little sweetener to cut the tartness of the tomato products.

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2/24/13 6:46 A

I would also substitute ground chicken or ground turkey for the beef. I have found that anything with lots of spices, onions, sweet peppers, etc does well with ground poultry in place of beef - chili, Spanish rice, tacos, soups, etc....

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The sodium could easily be reduced by using some frozen peas and carrots, and mixed vegetables instead. I would substitute the sauce (not a fan of that) for a lessor amount of tomato paste in it's place. It sounds really nice, and I think I am going to try it :-)


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I make a beef and vegetables soup that has a little kick. One pound of ground beef, drained. Large can of tomato sauce, two cans of tomato soup, one can of Rotel diced tomatoes with chilies, one can of chili with meat, one can of chili without beans, one can mixed vegetables, one can of peas and carrots. (Actually I use my husband's delicious chili in place of the cans of chili.) It goes into a slow cooker.
This soup is unbelievably filling. We use it as a main dish. I know that the amount of salt is high, but I trade that for a generally nutritious meal. Add some crusty bread and that's it.

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