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7/26/13 12:22 P

3 oz of meat or fish is about the size of a deck of cards.

Here are some other common portion sizes:

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7/26/13 8:45 A

thank you ladies for your answers, because i work in a hotel i have the choice of foods available from the open buffet, dangerous i know....i try to have fish every day! mackerel being my favourite.... not any more since i just had 4 fillets and thought i was being good. they were not big but because i have no scales difficult to know if its 3oz or not.....

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7/26/13 8:05 A

that's why it's so great when you can go by weight, because then you're sure.

I'd guess, when it says fillet, it just means one.

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7/26/13 8:05 A

Ah, the very vague "serving". Usually, a "serving" of a protein food such as fish or chicken or whatever, is 3 oz. If you search for "mackerel" in the Nutrition Tracker, it will give you the USDA entry for mackerel. Includes the choices of "serving" or "oz." or "grams". The user-entered entries under "fillet of mackerel" usually just say "serving"-- they *might* have been referring to one fillet or maybe 3 ounces or maybe... who knows. Personally I'd use the USDA "mackerel" entry, and weigh my slab of fish.

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7/26/13 7:34 A

sorry if this sounds daft, but is a fillet of fish just the one piece or 2 in a serving? i have this horrible feeling i am doing this wrong emoticon

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