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6/30/13 3:21 P

As has been mentioned, definitely check with your doc to find out if you should be looking more for soluble or insoluble fibre, and see if there are any concerns with any of the OTC brands (eg. some have artificial sweeteners, or lots of sugar).

One thing to keep in mind, is that you might want to gradually increase your fibre intake over a matter of weeks so as to avoid possible bloating/pain/gas/etc. that can result from a quick increase.

Another thing is that you should be increasing your water intake as you increase fibre, to also help avoid the possible pitfalls. Being well hydrated before adding fibre can make a huge difference.

Personally, I get 35-45g of fibre on most days (required due to medical issues), and I get it strictly from diet. I tried both Benefibre and Metamucil while I was on chemo (and am allergic to artificial sweeteners - let me tell you, finding them without around here is a challenge) and all they accomplished was making me feel physically horrible. Very gradually increasing the fibre in my diet has accomplished the goal that my doc and I were looking for, without the horrible feeling from the supplements. This might be something that you could discuss with your doctor, too.

Hope you have success finding something that works for you!

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6/30/13 2:52 P

Since your doctor has already recommended an OTC fiber supplement, I'll give you my experience.

Look at the calories on the back on the product. Some are loaded with sugar. Look for a sugar free product.

Some products may cause more gas than others. I, for one, cannot tolerate Psyllium Seed Husks as found in Metamucil, but it does not bother my husband. Try taking it on the weekend!

If you cannot manage one glass of liquid all at once, there are capsules on the market now, but I suppose you have to follow those with a glass of liquid anyway.

I find Dextrin, as found in Benefiber, more tolerable for my sensitive GI tract. It dissolves completely and I stir it into water, unsweetened iced tea or sugar free Kool Aid. I take this 2X daily with no ill effect.

Even if you take a couple of doses of OTC fiber supplements daily, you're only going to get about 6 grams of fiber. You will still need more. Be sure to post all your food on the nutrition tracker and check your fiber intake. Fiber should be part of every meal to get you to the 25-35 grams you need every day.

Folks are right: Go for whole grain cereals, breads, pastas. Eat whole fresh fruits/vegetables with every meal and as snacks. Apples, for example, with skin have as much fiber as a serving of Metamucil, but bananas have virtually none. Check the nutritional information of each serving of produce as you consume it so you'll know what's helping you to get the fiber you need for better health.

Good luck. Keep us posted! emoticon

6/30/13 2:39 P

I'm sure my fellow Sparkers have given you healthier suggestions in previous posts, but I myself love Fiber One brownies, particularly the new lemon bar. It feels like desert and it bolsters your fiber intake simultaneously.

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6/30/13 10:32 A

Unless your doctor says you need to take a fiber supplement instead of eating fibrous foods, I would suggest you get it through food. It tastes a lot better to eat beans, green leafy vegetables, and berries, than powder. Even Fiber bars can get you 9 g of fiber each, and taste delicious.

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6/30/13 1:36 A

Are you getting 8-10 servings vegetables/day?

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6/29/13 11:28 P

I also agree with the comment to talk to your Dr., because these sorts of things aren't a case of one-size-fits-all. Having said that, tho', I have used a variety including Lactulose - an osmotic - and Benefiber and Metamucil - bulkers. Out of the latter two, I prefer Benefiber because it has less calories, and is easier to take. You can put it into drinks or sprinkle over food, and not notice it, whereas the Metamucil needs to be stirred into a large glass of water and drunk straight down, because it goes really thick and gluggy. My Dietitian also said that the Benefiber was the better choice where it came to taking other medications.


6/29/13 6:58 P

Talk to your doctor.
What is the purpose for the supplement? constipation, blood sugar control, lowering cholesterol? This will determine the type supplement that is best.

Then you can decide what form to purchase. Do you just want to add water and drink it (then you need flavored), or do you plan to use it in cooking (so unflavored would be your choice), etc.

SP Registered Dietitian

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6/29/13 6:51 P

I use ground flaxmeal regularly. I use it also as a substitute for an egg in a meatloaf.

6/29/13 5:02 P

My doc has recommended that I take benefiber, Metamucil, or some other kind of added fiber. I was wondering if people had tried them, and what they thought? there was an array of choices, from sugar free to fake fiber, to clear to oat based, to gummies powder and crackers. .

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