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11/7/12 6:54 P

What I find helpful:

eliminating processed foods
interval cardio: walk flat/incline, walk/run (keeps things moving)
slow steady cardio: walk, swim, whatever
yogurt daily with live active cultures
yoga (keeps me mindful of what foods cause gas in my body and what amounts I can tolerate)

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11/7/12 10:25 A

I love the article provided by Coach Becky on sugar alcohols. I've experience the effect of excessive use of products containing sugar alcohols on the gastric system first hand and can tell you it is not a pleasant experience.

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11/7/12 6:54 A

Do you notice this more with certain foods from the protein/fiber group then others? For example my stomach does not tolerate fiber one products but I am fine with other high fiber things like bread or vegetables. Some people may have issues with dairy or certain vegetables like brocolli but be ok with others.

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11/6/12 1:39 P

Sugar also causes bloat, and sugar alcohols. Too many Carbohydrates can cause gas & bloating such as rice, potatoes, and pasta, beans and peas..and it's best to leave sugar–free candy and gum, diet drinks and other foods that contain sugar alcohols off your menu. No Sugar free foods!!

DRINK SOME CHAMOLIE TEA this herb has anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties which can help prevent the onset of gas symptoms and stomach cramps

Asafoetida The best spice to get rid of gas or bloating. Use it to help digest meat and beans (get it from Indian grocers). Use ¼ tsp per person
Fennel Increases digestive function, and helps bloating, gas, low digestive power, indigestion and burning urine. Mild enough for people who can’t take hotter spices.

Coriander Balances the digestive enzyme function. A mild carminative (helps gas and bloating) and blood purifier

Ginger Use fresh ginger for gas, burping, headaches, cramps, haemorrhoids, arthritis

Nutmeg is the best spice to use if poor digestion means nutrients aren’t being absorbed. Use ¼ tsp max. Use for gas, bloating, diarrhoea, nerve pain, insomnia. Add to a milky drink at night to help restful sleep.

To releive bloat and gas your Avoid salty foods, Don't overdo it on fiber, Avoid large meals and Incorporate protein in every meal.

Here are some gas producing culprits peas, cabbage, onions, broccoli, radishes, and cauliflower,apples, prunes, bananas, and dried fruit
oatmeal and other grains
any large amount of sugar, especially those contained in soda

Also digestive enzymes will help support your digestive system and relieve bloating

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11/5/12 7:18 P

I took a look at your nutrition tracker.
It doesn't appear that you are getting a large amount of fiber through whole grains, fruits and veggies---so I doubt that these are the problem.

However, you are using several products daily with either "added fiber" like in your Fiber One bars and muffins (using chicory root or inulin); OR products that are being sweetened with sugar alcohols--things like your slimfast, hot cocoa mix, and slim quick. Both of these can bring about an excessive gas problem for many people. You may want to remove these products, focus on foods in a more "real state" and see if you feel better.

This SP article will also give more on the sugar alcohols and what to look for on labels.

Dietitian Becky

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11/5/12 5:53 P

You can monitor your fiber intake with the nutrition tracker. I would make sure you are gradually increasing.

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11/5/12 4:40 P

I agree. When I started eating mainly veggies on my raw diet, I was very gassy. That has subsided by leaps and bounds. your body just has to get used to the new diet.

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11/5/12 4:23 P

I had that problem but it eventually stopped, I think your body just needs a chance to get used to it.

11/5/12 4:18 P

Sorry if this is a bit TMI, but since I've been pushing myself to eat more fiber and protein, I find myself very gassy, all the time. It's embarrassing, especially at work. Anyone else running into this problem? Any suggestions for avoiding it?

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