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10/9/11 8:50 P

The good thing about falling off the wagon... is that the wagon is still there for you go get back up on it. People seem to think the wagon keeps on moving without them... but everyone has their own wagon, and it stops and waits for you when you get off of it. When you're ready to go again, the wagon will be there waiting for you. :)

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10/9/11 4:14 P

We are on a journey for our health. Sometimes we may not do everything right. But to know that we have fallen off track is what motivates us to get back on track. You acknowledge that you are ready to get back on the track for health and fitness! I believe you are on your way and will succeed.


ROOSTER72 SparkPoints: (26,758)
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10/9/11 6:24 A

On the wagon/Off the wagon is such an 'all or nothing' concept. It's the 'on a diet' idea.
I think this mentality sets us up for failure. A healthy lifestyle is not about being perfect - its about making better decisions than we used to make.

I would try to reflect on the last few months, and discuss your thoughts with the nutritionist honestly. Only you know what wasn't working for you.

Maybe you were missing your favourite foods to much - maybe there is room to add small amounts of these food into the program so you don't feel too hard done by.
Maybe the program does not fit with your lifestyle - maybe you like to eat out a lot, or have other lifestyle factors that mean the program did not work for you.

You are not a naughty school kid being sent to the principal for a ticking off - you are paying a professional to work with you to find a healthier eating program that fits with you and your lifestyle. If you can honestly give her/him feedback on what did/did not work for you, then you will get a better service.

Good luck.

LESLIESENIOR SparkPoints: (209,949)
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10/8/11 10:46 P

I think you are already walking THROUGH the tough time. And that is the important part. If we are willing to walk through the difficulty instead of going around, under, or over it, the strength we gain is invaluable!! Pressure and heat turn coal to diamonds. We are diamonds in the rough. Keep walking........and thank you for sharing your fear.

MSKIZ69 SparkPoints: (468,227)
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10/8/11 10:23 P

There are going to be times where we fall down-but getting back shows our real strength. It's human to feel we haven't done enough, but as a certain little fish says-just keep swimming. emoticon

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10/8/11 9:19 P


Hang in there! You cannot change the past, you can only change today and what lies ahead of you. For me guilt and shame kept me trapped in a diet mentality. The minute I learned to accept the fact that I do not have to eat a PERFECT diet to have a healthy lifestyle allowed me to break the diet bonds that had a hold of me for so many years.

Go in there Monday. Be honest with yourself and your nutritionist and use this as a starting point. I wish you well!

Coach Nancy

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10/8/11 9:10 P

I have completely fallen off and NEED and WANT to get back on. I have to start up again! BAsically - along w/ being on SparkPeople I also see a nutritonist from my gym and I havn't been able to see her since mid-august because of our schedules...I'm fianlly going to see her Monday night and I dread getting on that scale for her...i feel like a failure.

I know I just have to grin and bear it but, it's going to be hard. It's not that I havn't followed at all - because I've lost some (gained some) since I've seen her....and I just know over this past week I've gained again...

Any advise of how to get through the rough patch and start again?

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