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5/28/11 8:22 A

Okay, first of all I need to say this to ERICWS who also commented on your thread twice. Don't be so mean! If she's posted two threads or a hundred threads on this topic, it just shows this is something she's concerned about and needs support with! We are here to encourage and help each other, and saying she's looking for excuses is, well, a little mean.
:-( Just because you haven't ever felt that way doesn't mean other sparkers don't.

Okay, exercise. Your housework and chores are exercise and you should log them as that! Sure, they might not burn as many calories as the elliptical, but they do burn some and you are up and about. Take credit for the work you are doing!

Yes, the chores will always be there and the other folks who said you need to make yourself a top priority are right! Your health is important, and the more you are able to exercise, the easier it will be (as you become even more fit and healthy) to keep up with your chores.

If it's too hard to take a big chunk of time, try ten minutes a few times a day. If that's too much, try five. Or three, or two. You see where I'm going? :-)

I have trouble keeping up with the chores and finding the time to exercise too. It's so important, though, I take the time. My health is worth it in the end, and my family will have me around a lot longer as a result, I hope! :-)


5/28/11 12:30 A

Think of it this way:

Your children won't remember if this chore or that errand didn't get done, but having a healthy parent with a positive sense of self who takes time to care for herself and play with them will stay with them.

Actively engaging your children in chores is another way to connect with them and set a good example, too. To this day, when I clean the house on Saturday morning, I turn the radio up and think of all the Saturday mornings I thought my mom just wanted the house cleaned, but now realize she sure could have done it better and faster without me; she was using it as a way to keep connected with what was going on in my life. Well, that and cut through the clutter. :)

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5/27/11 9:00 P

I am the same way... I have enlisted help with the chores.... I pay someone to do the deep cleaning for me every ten days and all I have to do is spend time with my children and try to keep the house tidy (then again i have 3 under 5 ) and cook.

On the other hand my kids are so loud and messy that I often wonder if I live in an apartment or the BRONX ZOO. IT'S 9 here in NY and I am off for a jog... I started trying last month but my steam ran out because I waited until really late at night when EVERYONE was asleep... running at midnight is scary BTW, n matter what neighborhood you live in.

LERWIN1324 Posts: 19
5/27/11 7:40 P

At first I struggled with taking time away from my kids in order to exercise, and also house duties as well. But then I told myself I'm doing this for my kids, so I can be healthy, be around longer, and set a good example for them. I also realized the more I worked out, the more energy I had, so I actually seemed to get more done because I wasn't as tired. There are also some exercises you can do while cleaning - got to vacuum? Dance while you do it! Bringing up laundry from the basement? Break it up into smaller "loads" so you have to go up and down the stairs a couple of times.

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5/27/11 7:16 P

I'm so glad to see this topic! I enjoyed reading many contributions and want to try a few attitude adjustments. It seems for me, it is more about mindset than busyness. We are all busy!

LUCRETIUS SparkPoints: (4,347)
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5/27/11 4:21 P

It really isn't much, 3-4 hours a week is all the tiem you really need to take for exercise. Get 15-20 minutes of HiIT cardio and 40-45 minutes strength training in 3-4 times a week. You don't need hours of cardio if you combine strength and HiIT. I've lost 30 lbs and lowered my bf% from 22 to 10 just doing that (most of that in the alst year alone), and occasionally playing sports for an hour or so 1 or 2 nights a week. I don't mean to sound harsh, but if you don't think you can manage one hour of "you" time every two days because of home chores, that sounds like an excuse machine at work.

5/27/11 3:21 P

IRISHBEANERGAL I'm going threw that same issue now. My body has called it quits on all of the stress and pressure that I put it threw these past few years. Thanks for your entry.

5/27/11 3:15 P

Yes but I also realized that there were things that I was doing that I could incorporate exercise into. Like when I take the kids to the park I can walk around the playground instead of sit on my but and text like all the other Moms and Dads. Just little things.

5/27/11 3:15 P

I can understand if a person has to drive 30 minutes one way to the gym of their choice, then exercise for an hour. Two hours, out of your day, everday may seem overwhelming, so you need to evaluate what you can do. I chose 10 minutes a day, every other day. Then I upped it to 10 minutes everyday. Most people take 10 minutes just to wake up, or look in the frig for a snack. One of my favorite DVD's is Leslie Sansone-Walk away the pounds. 17 minutes for one mile and it's over. You blink and it's done. I am a neat freak, but I am also tired of back pain, tiredness, and no flexibilty. Try cooking for a few days, on one day. For me 10 minutes is thinking about what's for dinner. Hope this helps!

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5/27/11 3:01 P

Feel guilty in the morning if I hop out of bed and don't take time to hold my wife
Feel guilty during the day if I take a break from work to go to the gym
Feel guilty in the evening if I don't spend time with my children
Feel guilty on the weekends if I don't take care of the house.

Feel great when I do work out and feel like I can accomplish all of those other thing I feel guilty about better.

Great topic.

5/27/11 2:23 P

My house is much, much messier now that I take the 30-60 minutes that I used to spend cleaning working out. I work as a teacher full time, and have 2 toddlers, so it can get very messy very quickly! It is kind of stressful to walk in and see the mess, and daily decide whether to do that or work out. Yesterday I counted the cleaning as a workout (since I couldn't take it any more), but it really didn't raise my heart rate that much, to be honest. It's a battle, and I figure now that I'm working on myself, too, I'll have to find a way to make a balance of both my health and my family's home. :)

5/27/11 1:36 P

Let's not forget - housework can be exercise too! I have been known to strap on my HRM and actually get to work cleaning. If you don't stop moving (maybe put on some groovy music in the background and shake your booty while you work), you can kill two birds with one stone: exercise AND housework.

GRIZ1GIRL SparkPoints: (194,799)
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5/27/11 1:09 P

Think about it this way--would you rather feel guilty for taking the time to be healthy, by exercising, or feel guilty for taking time away from your family because you're sick & unhealthy?

When I was fat I spent most of my time unable to join my family in much of anything. I felt awful all the time. I was chronically sick with infections. I was achy from sore, over-stressed joints carrying around all that fat. I either sat around & did nothing--or I was at doctor's offices & in the hospital dealing with being sick.

I'd much rather spend a couple hours a day exercising--so I can spend the rest of my time devoting to my family! My kids know that you have to exercise daily to stay healthy--I couldn't have taught them anything better. What a great example for them to take to heart! I'm proud of myself for making exercise a DAILY HABIT. :)

SNOWFLAKE561 Posts: 788
5/27/11 11:14 A

It's important to take that time for yourself, to keep yourself healthy and fit and to teach your children the importance of good fitness. Maybe they can join you as you exercise and lend a hand with housework. It will make all of you winners!!!

INSTICKS SparkPoints: (0)
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5/27/11 10:22 A

Reading everyone's replies to this topic was a real help. I am plagued by guilt when I take time to exercise and when I don't, so I might as well feel guilty AND fit. I learned that lesson yesterday when I took time for an hour bike ride, plus about 30 minutes travel time-- despite company coming to my house today. Yep, my house still needs help, but I'm learning to make myself more important than my house. After all, I have to assume my guests are coming to see me, not my house! Thanks fellow Sparkers for relieving some of the guilt!

LUVS2WIN67 Posts: 1,060
5/27/11 9:46 A

To be the best wife your husband needs, to be the best mom your children need, to be the best friend your girls need you MUST create "ME" time. It's not selfish, it's necessary to rejuvenate your soul to give everyone else your best.
I read this quote and re-read it all them is very true!

WINSING1 SparkPoints: (4,480)
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5/27/11 9:25 A

Sometimes I do feel guilty because it takes some of time away from my family. Then I think about how it decreases stress and that makes me feel better.

KAYLUHANNE SparkPoints: (0)
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5/27/11 9:00 A

I try to get atleast 1 hour of exercise in a day no matter what, even if that means putting some other things aside. Sometimes I'll even work twice as hard when I'm cleaning that way I can also count that as a little exercise.

KRISTA-GIRL Posts: 4,370
5/27/11 3:21 A

With six kids and temporarily living in a TINY house, it's rough. But possible! I'm a SAHM
and homeschool the four youngest. We are home all day, living in the house, continually making messes.
First, they ALL help. It gives them a sense of self-worth.
Second, at least three of them work out with me. I do Wii games, Kinect games and DVD's - they love them.
Third, dh helps. When it gets overwhelming, he steps in and helps bring order on the weekends. If I didn't have him, I would just aside more time rather than burn it up online. But let my fitness go? NOT!!
It's all about desire and prioritizing, really.

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CHARLIES5 SparkPoints: (15,293)
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5/27/11 12:32 A

emoticon Suzien.....I was thinking the exact same thing!!

SUZIENJAZ SparkPoints: (0)
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5/26/11 9:59 P

I don't feel guilty for exercising, I feel guilty for NOT exercising

PONYGRRRL Posts: 487
5/26/11 9:28 P

Not today!

SHERYL_B SparkPoints: (52,579)
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5/26/11 9:15 P

I know it isn't for everyone, but one of the best things I ever did was hire a housekeeper. She just comes in once every two weeks, but my house hasn't ever been cleaner (having her come makes me keep the house neater in general) and there is no more arguing about who is going to do which chore!!!

IRISHBEANERGAL SparkPoints: (46,147)
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5/26/11 6:55 P

I used to feel guilty taking time for ME to exercise. HOW DARE I??? I have sooo much to do for the:

a. kids
b. significant other
c. house
d. work
e. volunteer (insert organization here)

The list went on and on... until one day, I went DOWN. As in I was unable to do anything because I had neglected myself to the point my body said "DONE - not gonna do it".

And guess what? The world DID NOT end (even though I JUST KNEW it would!) and

a. kids - they are more self sufficient than I ever imagined
b. significant other - see above
c. house - didn't fall apart (sure it wasn't as clean.. but no one died)
d. work - wow it was still there when I got back and miracle of miracles, others picked up the slack
e. volunteer organizations - they still managed to do what they need to do.

HARD lesson learned - I can't do anything for anyone unless I take the time to take care of me FIRST. And I want to do things for all those people/things. So I have to make sure I'm capable by scheduling ME time for exercise.

Enlist the support of those around you - and do whatever you need to do to make sure you get your ME time.

Keep moving forward - What are YOU doing today to be the best you can be?

~Irish (aka The Incredible Shrinking Mom)

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5/26/11 6:51 P

I Homeschool 4 kids and I do exercise while they are doing their Math or writing. When I am done working out, it has been their allotted time to get things done and I check their work. Then I throw in another 30 minutes sometimes with another subject. Exercise DVDs give me the convenience to hit pause and explain something and then hit play again as soon as I am done. If I want to workout alone, I wake up early, but most of the time I workout with everyone around. For those who don't have kids and just chores to do, turn up the tunes and make it a morning or evening priority. Jump, skip, turn, twist, do standing pushups, while doing your chores and you will burn lots of calories. Make it a priority and you will lose weight.

5/26/11 5:56 P

Hmmmm, maybe you could combine the exercise with your chores. Put a 25# backpack on and fold clothes. Wear ankle and wrist weights while you vacuum. Make up the bed by standing with your back to it. I'm being a bit facetious here, I do my housework at full tilt so I can get it as done as presentable and have time to exercise. By the time I'm finished I've built up a pretty good sweat, and I count this as my "warm-up."

SLYSAM SparkPoints: (43,184)
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5/26/11 5:54 P

The time management and motivation part is hard for every one for different reasons.

I guess consider that by being healthy and fit (or becoming that way) you are more likely to be healthy and able for more of your life and you are more likely to live a long, healthy life. This means you can do more for your family or career than if you become unhealthy. If you have children, remember the issues with childhood obesity and other problems, setting a good example about fitness just helps the children learn to include it as part of daily life. Also, those with partners... Your partner will enjoy the results of your efforts. And it is important to value yourself and to let everyone know you value yourself.

Perhaps you could find a well rounded, fairly intense combination of strength training and cardio to do three times a week. On the other days actively play with your children (for those with children)--dance, hoop, jump rope, go for a walk, play ball, play chase whatever works for their age. Household chores can contribute to overall activity level and there are ways to sneak some exercises in, but really at least a few days of concentrated exercise (ideally strength training as it makes all the chores easier and helps prevent injury, etc).

SUSANLEUEN SparkPoints: (110,389)
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Posts: 3
5/26/11 5:25 P

Ditto what you said "My ME TIME is right up there at the top of the list, and I think I'm a better person for it." No more guilt.


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LIAMSMOM11 Posts: 122
5/26/11 4:26 P

I feel guilty about it regularly. I'm a single mom of an almost-4-year-old and he doesn't understand that the things that take up my time (working, school, exercise, cleaning) are for him. He knows that mommy is constantly busy and he gets at best an hour a day of undivided attention. If I didn't go to the gym, that number could be two hours a day (actually, closer to three), and there's no way to explain to him at this point in his life that I'm trying to make good decisions for both of us. Yeah, I feel plenty guilty.

I think my guilt is compounded because I LOVE the gym. I think if I hated it a little it wouldn't bother me - like, I hate my current job but it's necessary so I don't feel bad about it. I'm excited to go to the gym every day, so...I dunno. One of my (many) neuroses, I guess.

GABENSEBSMOM SparkPoints: (8,717)
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Posts: 283
5/26/11 4:12 P

Do you feel guilty about taking time to eat meals or take a shower or do something else other than chores? Exercise should be a daily part of life, no different from brushing your teeth or eating meals. Of course there will always be chores. Chores are there for women like me who work full time. I still fit in an hour a day, more if there's time. And I don't lose a minute of sleep concerned over whether there are dirty socks in my sons' hampers. You can always find excuses not to work out. There are plenty.

5/26/11 3:59 P

It's far more important to me to exercise than to clean. That's just the way it is, and I don't care. We all have priorities; mine is not housework. Then again, I'm single, I live alone, and no one depends on me but me, so I'm allowed to make that decision and to prioritize the way I want -- I realize that wouldn't be the case if another human or two or three had to live in my squalor. I do clean, I just don't do it terribly often; I EXERCISE like a maniac, though, and I just have a feeling that that's more contributory towards my well-being than a shiny bathroom faucet would be.

HELZIE Posts: 509
5/26/11 3:57 P

Please don't feel guilty-it's all about time management. If it's important to you, treat it like another thing that has to be done, and stick to it.
For me, there is a small time frame when I am less likely to be interrupted working out, so I use that time...sometimes it takes some priority shuffling, but it is totally doable!

HILLERYH Posts: 171
5/26/11 3:27 P

Honestly, it sounds like you are just making excuses. I work full time, go to school full time, and still manage to make it to the gym. My husband is terrible about helping with housework, so our apt is perpetually a mess till I get a free Saturday to clean the kitchen. We manage to live in the mess, but we don't have kids or pets that roam around.

I think you just need to say that (for example) Tuesday is vacuuming day, and Friday is floor mopping day... so you don't do everything every day.

Something another person suggested is to do your exercise 10 minutes at a time. The Coach Nicole cardio DVD is 10 minutes per workout. She has a strength training one, too. Do that 2 or 3 times a day, between doing different cleaning activities, and then you have a full workout!

Sadly, housework is never done, so don't worry so much about it! As long as your home isn't infested with rodents or insects, I think you are doing just fine.

SMITH4037 Posts: 83
5/26/11 3:15 P

I am so excited to share with you something that I just discovered this March. Now, I'm telling you, it is just as hard as exercise, because it actually requires doing the housework in your home. I'm serious, I'm not being sarcastic. I searched the Internet and found I cannot list her information, but I HIGHLY recommend following her BabySteps to de-cluttering your home. I'm still learning to FLY (Finally Loving Yourself), but I no longer feel guilty about what is NOT getting done. Instead, I am feeling a sense of accomplishment about what IS getting done! It's about making daily habits that are small and doable, because when they are added up at the end of the day you have: the sink and toilet cleaned EVERY DAY, your bed made EVERY DAY, your self dressed to the shoes with hair and face made EVERY DAY, your dishwasher unloaded EVERY DAY, a load of laundry done EVERY DAY, and your kitchen sink shining EVERY NIGHT before bed. Plus, you have more time to enjoy other exercise activities or time to declutter other areas of your home in 15-minute intervals. It doesn't solve itself overnight, but you can get quite a bit done in 15 minutes. Email me or friend me if you want! There is a SparkTeam for FlyBabies to help encourage you to succeed on your SP and your FlyBaby journey. It's called FLYLADY SPARKERS. Come join us!

Let me encourage you with these words:
You can do ANYTHING for 15 minutes, be it de-cluttering, cleaning, walking, exercising, etc.
Housework done incorrectly still blesses your family.
I'm so proud of YOU!
Keep trying and keep putting one foot in front of the other!
Any movement with intensity is exercise-heavy cleaning, fast cleaning, standing and cleaning...


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5/26/11 3:07 P

Good point about the kids. My daughter now has her own gym membership and makes her workout a priority in her life. This is because she saw me make it a priority in my life and, over time, saw my results. I know my example has positively affected her life.

EMFRAPPIER SparkPoints: (81,379)
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Posts: 122
5/26/11 2:18 P

Taking an hour a day for exercise used to make me feel horribly guilty, but with my husband's encouragement, I did it and discovered that an hour away from the kids made them even happier to see me when I got home. I also was able to bring them once in a while to classes, and now they try to copy the exercises they see me doing. Taking time for exercise is totally worth it, and it will benefit you as well as everyone around you. I know it makes me happier, and that makes my family happier.
As far as housework goes, do it or let it slide a little. There are more important things than a spotless house!

5/26/11 2:06 P

I agree. It takes time that I probably should spend with the family. The answer for me is to workout before work in the a.m. The problem is that I have a tough time doing that and I usually do it right after work instead.

5/26/11 2:03 P

Would you skip brushing your teeth because of chores? Getting your exercise is just as important; just as basic.

That said, I do understand how you feel. I no longer feel that way, but I recall that when I started taking the time for myself, I did feel extremely guilty. I probably took me a good 8-12 months to finally be able to let go of that guilt. Although I made a rational decision right away that exercise took priority over chores, it took all those months to internalize it enough that the guilt disappeared.

DMJAKES Posts: 1,635
5/26/11 1:36 P

Who says you have to do it all? If there is a spouse/significant other, get them involved. If the kid(s) are old enough, it's high time to teach them how to do what they can. I read somewhere that helping out with family chores and responsibilities on a regular and increasing (with age and maturity) basis is the best way to make sure children realize that they are NOT the center of the universe, and it also gives them a sense of purpose.

Once all the above are in place, if you still feel guilty, it's time to let go of the perfectionism. I really struggled with that for years, but now it's pretty easy to just make a mental note to get around to it later. It helps that I don't own a large crackerbox suits me just fine. A previous poster mentioned that they have scheduled days for doing the various chores...I started doing that once my kids got old enough to stop making constant messes. I gave up the satisfaction of having my house all clean all at once, but breaking it up into smaller chunks helps keep it manageable. Life's too short to feel guilty over something so long as your home isn't unsanitary, everyone will get over it, I promise!

My ME TIME is right up there at the top of the list, and I think I'm a better person for it.

TISTYEN Posts: 214
5/26/11 1:29 P

How old are your kids? When I was growing up, everybody helped with the chores from the time they could wield a dustcloth or carry folded laundry. By the time I was in junior high, I was doing my share of the housework and helping to mow the lawn in summer and shovel the walks and driveway in winter. You should get your kids (and hubby) to help you out with the chores or set a longer schedule in between some of them. My roommate and I both work full-time, so about the only chores we absolutely have to do every day are cleaning the kitchen, feeding and watering the cats, and policing the litter boxes. Everything else is done on an "as needed" basis.

5/26/11 12:37 P

I do it all (have a full time job, exercise and get the chores done) and don't sleep much emoticon . How often do you do your chores?

Maybe you're being too zealous about the chores. I have a set schedule for all of my chores, most of which (laundry, sanitizing the bathrooms, changing the sheets, vacuuming, dusting, etc) I do on Saturday mornings though I cook dinner every night, which entails (for me) wiping down the kitchen every night. Every night, we have a large box that my daughter can just throw all her toys in and at the end of the week we organize them again. I do about 30-60 minutes of prep on Sunday for dinners during the week so I can usually get dinner on the table in a half hour or less. I save the lengthier recipes for the weekend.

I work out at lunch at work five days a week and also on Saturday or Sunday I do some sort of exercise with the family, like hiking or swimming. I used to work out in the mornings before work so I could be social at lunch, but it just got too exhausting. Now I'm more friendly with the active people at work who walk on breaks with me and work out at lunch as well and the other work friends I go to lunch with once a month or so. I'd suggest taking a week and logging how you're spending every minute of the day to see where you're losing time and then coming up with a schedule that works for you. It took me a while to find a schedule that worked for me, but eventually I got there. Don't lose hope! emoticon

DAVISSTEVIE69 Posts: 223
5/26/11 12:33 P

You are a homemaker but you work part-time, that means that your partner has the primary job outside of the home but can still do homemaking part-time. There is no reason that you cannot have help with a load of laundry or a load of dishes just because they work outside of the home and you don't. If that were the case no laundry or dishes would ever get done in my home because my husband and I both work full time. It is a balance, but if you absolutely feel as if you don't have any extra minute and cannot let any chore go undone then you have to be creative. Turn on music and dance your heart out while you mop, sweep or vacuum floors. By a resistance band and do leg exercises with it while standing at the sink doing dishes. Do lunges while putting laundry in and out of the dryer. Don't think that you have to do a solid hour of exercise. You must take a break at some point during the day use 10 minutes at a time to do a quick jog up and down the stairs a few times to get your heart pumping. Where there is a will there is a way!

ERICWS SparkPoints: (8,307)
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5/26/11 12:32 P

This is not the first thread N16 has started with this theme.

Hopefully she snaps out of it and stops looking for excuses to justify not exercising.

FRENCHIFAL SparkPoints: (142,201)
Fitness Minutes: (128,849)
Posts: 2,615
5/26/11 12:18 P

If you want to set a good example for your family, then you HAVE to take time to exercise and make changes in your lifestyle! You need to teach your family that your health comes first, and that it's important to have balance in your life.

BETHHRSN SparkPoints: (50,096)
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Posts: 1,280
5/26/11 11:59 A

Well, my thought is if you don't take care of yourself then who's going to do the chores when you are not able or heaven forbid - no longer around??!!

BTLSMUM SparkPoints: (39,814)
Fitness Minutes: (21,699)
Posts: 490
5/26/11 11:57 A

You just answered your own question. The chores are never done. They are never going to be done. Even if you do them every minute of the day, as you go more are piling up. It's an exercise in futility trying to stay on top of it all every second.

So, what is it really going to hurt if you take an hour or two out of every day to exercise? How much really can pile up in an hour? Is it going to set you so far behind that you'll never, ever be able to get caught up?

While it's great to be the primary caregiver and homemaker, it's also great to teach autonomy to your children and to lean on your spouse. No one person should feel the weight of it all on their shoulders to the point where they can't do something the need/want to do.

ERICWS SparkPoints: (8,307)
Fitness Minutes: (22,220)
Posts: 1,537
5/26/11 11:44 A

N16- why are you starting another thread about this?

I'm not sure what your concern is exactly. Everyone has chores, and everyone has to make choices. Either choose to be healthy, which will help you do EVERYTHING better, including chores, or choose to not.

Make a choice. Why feel guilty about taking care of yourself? So, the laundry may wait a day- or the kitchen floor is swept and mopped later? Who cares?

ANYONE can find time if they CHOOSE TO do so! I found my time by examining my day a bit: I woke up at 6 am every day and sat on my rear end for an hour before I got ready for work. Now I sit on my rear end for 30 minutes, and exercise for 30 minutes, before I get ready for work. Voila! Time created.

Stop giving yourself so many excuses to NOT exercise!

BECCADION Posts: 410
5/26/11 10:35 A

Try to remember that by exercising and taking care of yourself FIRST, you will feel better and have more energy for all those other things and be able to do them more efficiently.

WADINGMOOSE Posts: 1,048
5/26/11 10:33 A

My husband and I both work full time. Sometimes, the chores around the house just don't get done. I realize that some people will judge me for that, but in all honesty, putting off vacuuming or washing a floor for a couple of days isn't going to kill me.

Staying 250 lbs will eventually kill me.

I've made myself and my health a priority.

N16351D Posts: 2,349
5/26/11 10:09 A

Exercise takes time away from my chores at home. The chores are never done, and homemaking is my primary job. I also work part-time outside the home. How do you exercise and not feel guilty for not getting all of the laundry, cooking, dishes, cleaning, beds changed, bathrooms cleaned, bills paid, mending done, etc?

The chores are always there, and always need to be done. Does anyone get the chores completed so they can do other things like exercise, and how do you do it?

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