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9/8/14 6:19 P

I bought a palates bar that has resistance bands attached. I love that thing. It is great 4 squats...lunges...bicep curls. I got it at big 5 for 25 bucks. I sure have got my $$$'s worth. Walmart also sells it.

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9/8/14 9:50 A

You don't have to eat the whole thing.
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9/7/14 8:36 P

does anyone know where i can get free total body work out with resistance band excerises

12/6/13 5:19 P

My staples are goblet squats, standing single-arm chest press (best done with a door attachment), and standing rows. These hit the 3 largest muscle groups - legs, chest & upper back. The squats and chest press work the core well too.
You can top it off with ab twists and shoulder presses. If you combine the shoulder presses with squats, your shoulders will tire before your legs do, so it's not the ideal leg exercise.

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12/6/13 8:25 A

Squats with shoulder press.

You don't have to eat the whole thing.
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12/6/13 5:46 A

Low mount leg curls with band - these work the hamstrings, which are a major muscle that is difficult to train with bodyweight alone.


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12/5/13 3:39 P

Does anyone who uses resistance bands have a favorite exercise? Which are the most effective exercises that work the whole body?

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