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10/16/13 11:15 A

Sloppy Josephines. BBQ or baked beans and ground turkey. Put it on a whole wheat bun and see what happens. Worked for me.

Cheesy broccoli rice casserole with chicken (brown rice, chicken breast, extra vegies in rice, meatloaf burgers with extra vegies in mix.

Have the kids help in the kitchen (I know it is messy and slow) but then it becomes "their" dish and peer pressure is a powerful tool.

10/14/13 9:00 P

I hide pureed vegetables in hamburgers and meatballs - about 1/4 c. veggies to 1 lb. of beef.

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10/13/13 5:09 A

Can you try to make the foods they do like healthier?
Such as if they like burgers make it with ground turkey on whole wheat bun
Tacos with ground turkey or lean ground beef, lf cheese, plenty of veggies
Baked chicken nuggets
Slice some potatoes or sweet potatoes and make them into healthy french fries by baking
To get in more fruits and veggies add them to foods they like such as pasta with sauce and steam broccoli mixed in. Add a sprinkle of cheese or a dip for them

10/10/13 7:46 A

I feel your pain. I have three and they are all picky about one thing or another. I am trying to find new things but this works so far for all of them.

Homemade pizza. Whole grain tortilla for crispy crust or whole grain sandwich thin for fluffier crust then toppings of choice, turkey pepperoni, turkey sausage, low fat cheese, pizza sauce, etc. Not super great but better than alternative.

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10/9/13 11:55 A

I'm looking for something kid friendly yet healthy for the kids are so picky and trying to get them to eat different foods is a task in itself. Thanks!

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