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2/17/12 12:45 P

I get a lot of my protein from egg whites, tuna fish, and mixing brown rice with black or kidney beans (creates a complex carb that acts like protein, according to my trainer.) Soy burgers may be an option - but I have never tried them; they are more expensive than meat. God bless you for following this; may you find it eminently successful. Looks like you're doing very well! emoticon

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2/17/12 11:00 A

When I became a vegetarian I got into the different kinds of tofu. I think it's such an interesting and versatile food!

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2/16/12 10:50 P

If meat is the only thing you need to avoid there are HEAPS AND HEAPS of options. Vegetarian is not hard to do, nor find protein sources from. Don't let yourself think it's an excuse. It should actually help your plan :) Enjoy your new adventure and journey! :)

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1/9/12 9:15 P

I think it will actually do us good, a good flush out of meat products..

Thank you SP and my wonderful friends for all the support,
And thank God, for all he the blessings he gives us.

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1/9/12 1:37 P

Not a vegetarian but ....

Legumes (ie beans like kidney, black-eyed-susan, and so forth) are high in protein. (my family loves 15 bean soup). By the way peanuts are a legume not a true nut and yes they are very high in protein - Some natural sugar free peanut butter may be just the thing

Mature roasted soy beans are also high in protein

Also sometimes these diets do allow eggs and dairy. If yours does then Eggs, Greek Yogurt and all types of cheese are a good source of protein.

Good luck with your fast and happy eating.

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1/9/12 12:02 P

Plenty of people go without meat... they are vegetarians, and they meet their calorie goals just fine.
Hopefully one or more will chime in here with help for you!

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1/8/12 5:28 P

At church we are going to do a 21 day fast, no MEAT, at all...
Not sure how that will affect my calorie intake?
any good suggestions or thoughts?

Thank you SP and my wonderful friends for all the support,
And thank God, for all he the blessings he gives us.

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