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12/23/12 9:45 A

Use the nutrition tracking tools for the best way to eat healthier. Fast carbs elevate your blood sugar, slow carbs not so much.

12/23/12 9:14 A

The truth of the matter is this; many folks just want to do or take something once a day that doesn't take any effort or thinking or researching to make the fat go away and that's just not gonna work,...ever.

This kind of discussion is what everyone needs to participate in if they're serious about losing weight, not going on "fad" diets or fancy "As Seen on TV" gizmo to get into shape but these somewhat long and arduous conversations that require thinking and effort.

EWL978 Posts: 2,021
12/23/12 8:02 A

Took ALL THESE YEARS and Spark for me to finally understand...thank you all!!

CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
12/23/12 7:58 A

I believe they used to be called "complex" and "simple" carbs when I heard of them.

The simple are the processed sugars, flours and other products stripped of most of their nutritional value - which are handled "quickly" by your body (guess that's the reason for calling them fast?).

12/23/12 6:07 A

LISAN0415 SparkPoints: (9,164)
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12/23/12 3:03 A

Simple carbohydrates are found in foods such as sugar, white bread, honey and refined foods. They are considered "fast" carbs because your body breaks them down quickly to give you a fast burst of energy. Complex carbohydrates are commonly found in nutritious foods such as whole grains, vegetables, beans and fruits. They are called "slow" carbs because your body digests them at a slower pace for a steadier stream of energy

Eat more "slow"-carb plant-based foods such as vegetables and whole grain products to reduce your risk of gaining weight and developing health complications. Save items such as candy, soda, cake and white rice for special occasions. If your meal includes a "fast" carb such as a white potato or white rice, start your meal with a light soup or a salad to help yourself feel full faster.

BIGGERMOMMA43 SparkPoints: (6,966)
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12/23/12 2:22 A

I keep hearing about eating fast carbs, slow carbs and protein together to burn fat.
Has anyone tried this? Any info on what is a fast or slow carb? I am curious about this.

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