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1/21/13 9:50 A

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1/21/13 9:48 A

Thanks Mama,
I think you're right - I can sit, stand etc. so it does seem like my abs are still doing what they should. I actually have seen a difference already in just 1 week of SP fitness. I couldn't believe it when I got on the scale this morning and saw it went down - especially after what I ate this weekend. The whole reason I even got on the scale was because I was looking at my abdomen and it wasn't really sticking out as much. So maybe, if I can just get rid of this fat layer over my stomach, I can get a better visual. And of course, doing some of the ab exercises on SP didn't hurt.
I'm looking forward to this week to see what I can accomplish and then maybe next month I'll retake the crunch test and see how I do.
Thanks so much for your reply to my post. It kinda put things in a little better perspective for me. It is very much appreciated.

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1/17/13 12:23 P

The best answers would come from a health professional. I'm guessing that you should be able to regain at least some of it but it all depends on the damage and I'm no expert at all when it comes to fitness...everything I've learned is by trial and error or from what others I trust have advised me.

If at all possible see if you can somehow get in touch with someone who can easily answer your questions about it. I live in Canada so I'm not going to be much use there, but I'm sure there's some sort of help out there that can just answer a few questions at no cost or little cost to you. After you have some advice from a professional you'll have more info to seek guidance on what can be done in the future.

I wouldn't in any way say all hope is lost because you need your abs to stand and sit and to get up and since you're already doing these things you should be able to work on strengthening what's there and not damaged.

If anyone else has any ideas on how to get a health care professional's advice without breaking the bank and could share with PAULA523 that would be amazing =] What state are you in? Maybe there's someone in the same state as you that can give you some guidance =]

Good luck!!

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1/17/13 10:46 A

I'm a 52 year old stay at home (homeschool special needs) Mom.
I managed to do 11 pushups but could not do even one of the crunches that reached the tape measure. Help. Is there another way to do them? Am I doing it wrong?
My doc did say i lost my abs by having 4 C-sections in my life. She said they were ripped at last one. Can i fix this? Any suggesstions?
BTW, I also did poorly on 3 minute step test - HR 126.
i need help emoticon

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