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7/2/13 1:52 P

I agree, its bonus time. Unless you are ion a pool swimming laps and doing an actual workout, I would not count it and I swam competitively for 15 years.

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7/2/13 10:56 A

If you aren't tracking it, then I would just count it as extra bonus movement in your day :)

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7/2/13 2:18 A

i do alot of swimming i spend at least 4 hrs a day in the santa fe river(i live right on it) but some of my time is spent swimming against the current some floating down some is just hanging out in the deep end just staying afloat for a long time. My friends and i will go out in the middle and just talk till we our arms are tired. I honestly dont know what category i would put it in. I just know that after a day in the river i come in tired and feeling like jello lol. I dont do the swimming as a fitness routine i dont time it or check my heart rate i do to have fun i would hate swimming it if i had to calculate all that.

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