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7/9/13 12:11 P

I do as much as I can barefoot: yoga, jumping rope, even walking when I can. In the gym I must wear my VFFs (Vibram Five Fingers, minimalist shoes). I wear them hiking and in my daily life. Plyometrics and all jumping activities are great barefoot or in minimalist shoes. The main difference between going barefoot and wearing traditional shoes is that you do not land on your heels or 'strike your heels' barefoot as you do in shoes. One's stride running or walking is quiet different. People often speak highly of barefoot exercise relieving problems in the feet, ankles, knees, hips....In my merely anecdotal opinion, the more you are able to be barefoot, the healthier you can be. Think of all those nerve endings in the feet! Think of all the under-used muscles in the feet that will be strengthened by going barefoot! Using one's feet correctly, not heel striking, as well as stretching and strengthening the calves, especially in the beginning, are really important. Have fun!

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7/9/13 10:07 A

I wear shoes to work out in on carpet because of the jumping that is involved with mine. No thanks to hurt feet :)

You could try getting one of those sheets of plastic that are used in offices for rolling chairs. That way you still have the cushiony carpet underneath, but you won't get your shoes caught having the plastic up top.

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7/8/13 5:08 P

Do my yoga on a yoga mat on top of carpet...safer!!

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7/8/13 4:20 P

Depending on what exercises you are doing, some you can do barefoot, but you need to be careful. One wrong move and you can fracture your foot. I used to teach Zumba on carpet, and I put duct tape on the bottom of my shoes so I could twist and turn easily.

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7/8/13 2:48 P

I've always done exercise videos at home on carpet. I'd think it's easier on your joints being a more cushioned surface. Because my shoes would catch on the carpet, I ended up working out barefoot and had no issues, but you probably want to be more careful when you start because you won't have that support from the shoes.

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7/8/13 2:47 P

yes, i exercise on carpeting and after having a long lecture from my podiatrist about why to wear shoes, I wear them on carpeting too. I haven't had too many issues. i prefer doing planks and floor exercises on carpet.

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7/8/13 2:44 P

So, my entire house is carpeted (even the bathroom, don't get me started about how much I hate whoever decided that was a good idea) but anyway I was wondering if that could do any damage to joints or anything? I find I feel better doing exercise videos (like my current fav kickboxing) without shoes but I know that can lead to problems too. My shoes drag and catch too much on the carpeting. Thoughts? Do you guys exercise on carpeting? Any problems?

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