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1/2/13 3:51 P

I am just starting to track my eating, and I can definitely see areas of concern.
I started right before Christmas, so I was hoping that even starting to exercise would
help even if I wasn't completely following my diet. (HA guess NOT).

This is good advice, I think I need to hear it....although it is discouraging to have my butt feel bigger, I noticed today that while my pants were tighter than normal it was in my butt/thigh area and my tummy actually looked and felt a bit I can see how muscles can swell---I mean it HAS been awhile since I really worked them--and I forget how much of full body workout cross country skiing is, until the day after.

i will continue to carry on, and really start to track my food (my weak area!)


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1/2/13 1:47 P

Not that I would want to disagree with a Sparkcoach, but I seriously doubt your muscles would be retaining water to the point where your pants were getting tighter! I mean, I've never even heard of such a thing haha. Muscles retaining water? Yes. But not in your waist/hips/thighs to the point where your pants would start to not fit. Especially since you're doing a light amount of cardio, and you said you're use to being active.

The other poster is right, cardio is a very small part of fat loss. Are you accurately tracking everything you're eating? (And by accurately tracking, I mean weighing and measuring as well.)

You're definitely on the right track with being active, but the most important part is diet. Make sure you have that 100% in line, and you should start to see results!

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1/2/13 12:58 P

Any time you start a new exercise program, your muscles tend to retain water. It's a temporary thing, but can cause an increase on the scale for a few weeks. As long as you're tracking your food and staying in your recommended calorie and nutrient ranges, you're on the right track.

Hang in there!

Coach Jen

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1/2/13 12:55 P

What are you eating? Did you go off plan over the holidays? Is it bloat?

Cardio is only a small part of fat loss. To change your body, hit the weights and most importantly watch the nutrition!

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1/2/13 12:40 P


I have been active in the past (hiking, walking, etc...the outdoorsy stuff) but am new to the concept of working out in a gym, and since I am a beginner I haven't really worked with weights yet.
I have been walking on a treadmill for 30 minutes (I try to work up to a 15 min mile) then I will stretch and maybe hop on an elliptical for 15-20 minutes.

I also cross country ski (usually not on the same days I walk)

it seems that my pants are already not fitting....but in a BAD way. They feel TIGHT!

Can anyone give advice on whether I am doing something wrong, or if it is a phase, or just any advice at all in general about starting a workout routine?
I know i should be incorporating weights, but am just not comfortable with them yet.

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