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8/21/14 4:12 P

Good way to start, slow and easy! You can do it.

8/20/14 5:52 P

Definetly won't overdo it., I'm not allowed to lift anything so just walls for now, this surgery was hell and I'm not risking anything

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8/20/14 4:37 P

Glad you are getting better!! Do take your "re-entry" into exercise slowly though...!!

Four weeks is enough time to have lost some of your endurance (!), muscle strength, and flexibility. So maybe plan to do one week of much shorter walks; you can always do several a day if you find you are comfortable doing them....then week, by week, up the time and distance slowly. You will get to that mile plus fairly soon, but you won't have to take time off to "recuperate" from overdoing it.

Another thought would be to check with your Doctor about doing some of the Seated Videos here on Spark. You might need to limit/modify some of the moves, but I found them quite helpful after a surgery I had.... Just don't be tempted to overdo it!!
All the best,

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8/20/14 4:30 P

Had surgery 4 weeks ago still have 4 weeks of restrictions, but I can finally walk - so I am thinking starting with a mile a day for now and working my way back up....just wanted to say how excited I

I Can Do This!!!!
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