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5/4/13 1:03 A

Hey there... I was supposed to have foot surgery on April 10th---(Big toe: arthritis, bunion, and two toes next door!) but I blew it big time. Went for that "last nice walk" two day's before, and got blisters under those toes on the ball of the foot. My surgeon elected to hold off, so we are trying to get rescheduled.....

Anyway, I can certainly relate to wanting to keep in shape after surgery!!. I know I will have a surgical shoe for six weeks (and he will tell me how much "no weight allowed" time after the surg.) so I won't be able to swim or do much. I did check out the seated cardio videos, (Coach Nicole ) and they are pretty good. But I found I had a difficult time with some of it if I couldn't use my foot for added stability.... Ditto for the "circuit" exercises at my gym... even just the arm ones require some footwork/pressure it seems. Or maybe I'm just klutzy!!

I will be interested to see how your recovery goes, and what you experience in the exercise department!! Do keep us posted, and all the best!! (Do you also have a second foot waiting for the surgeon's touch??)

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4/21/13 7:39 A

thanx coach jen. Yeah I thought it was maybe too soon to start swimming or cycling. maybe ill just stick to low impact pilates core work and upper body strength training with hand weights.

Not very good at sitting with my feet up! emoticon

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4/21/13 7:36 A

Hi, thank you for your comment. I think I will just try doing some light pilates core work for a couple of weeks, and maybe some upper body strength training with hand weights. emoticon .

very boring at home and not being able to run around after my 2 year old grandson. emoticon

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4/21/13 7:28 A

Hi Kathy

If your doc said not to do any cardio for 8 weeks, I would think that even low impact exercise like swimming wouldn't be an option. It seems like upper body and core strength training would be possible as long as you're not putting any pressure on your foot.

Coach Jen

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4/21/13 7:28 A

Can I suggest you grill your doctor a bit more...I'm sure low impact activity would be considered ok..swimming sounds good, but cycling potentially would put too much strain on your about something that uses predominantly upper body like kayaking?

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4/21/13 7:09 A

Hi, I'm 50 years old and have just undergone foot surgery for arthritis of the big toe. I had the operation 2 weeks ago and am keen to get back to exercising as I was fairly fit before I had my op. I used to do at least two 30 min cardio sessions, plus one pilates and one yoga class per week. My doc says to ease back into exercise gently and not do any cardio for at least 8 weeks. I was hoping to do some swimming or cycling as its low impact and as I am unable to bend my toe at the moment. Can you offer some advice about low impact exercising at home?

many thanx


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