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3/20/13 10:18 P

There are several "seated" workout videos for free on Spark. Make sure to check with your doc beforehand to make sure it's OK and won't aggravate anything.

Good luck!! Stick with it!!!

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3/20/13 7:39 P

Try Spark's Limited Mobility lifestyle center for some exercise ideas.

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3/20/13 11:54 A

Have you seen the video in the exercise grouping on this SP website about a full workout while sitting? You do have an upper body with many muscles. You can lift light weights to strengthen your back, shoulders, biceps, triceps, chest, and much more while sitting. Check into the video section and look for it. hope that helps!

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3/20/13 11:02 A

get in the water. Swimming is great cardio for people with joint issues.

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3/19/13 10:57 P


Have you discussed this with your doctor? When it comes to members who have an issue that causes pain, the best advice is to see what your doctor recommends that will not make your ankle and knee issue worse.

Take Care!

Coach Nancy

3/19/13 10:45 P

I am mobility impaiared. I have a disformed, painful right ankle and a bad left knee which leaves me sitting a lot. What can I do to burn some calories?

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