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Well the thing is, just because you can't keep up doesnt mean you aren't having a high burn. The problem with simply adding an activity is that it doesn't tell you intensity level. You can do high-impact aerobics and say, maybe you jump 20x in a minute. Or, you coul crank that up to 30x the next day. Which is going to burn more? It's about relative intensity. The harder you work, the more calories you burn. That's why hardcore athletes burn less at their sport than others would at the same speed. Like runners. Try counting your pulse during one of the videos. Just once. Then enter that into a HR to cals burned calculator, and look at the difference.

For what it's worth, I did month one, and my calorie burn would be around 400-500 for the HIIT videos. I was 130ish lbs and 5'4". That's a lot more than what the high impact aerobics would say.

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Yeah, not really looking to get a HRM... mostly hoping for a half-accurate guesstimate (I don't weigh my portions either).
So far I've been shedding minutes from insanity to account for the stretches and I listed yesterday's max recovery as power yoga... though if you think 'High Impact Aerobics' underestimates Insanity maybe I *should* just list the full time...
IDK, I'm not quite at the level where I can keep up, even now (worst is pushups... I can only go half way down -_-; upper body is feeble), so I also feel like I'm not burning what I should be if I was able to go through all the circuts without a break (until the 30s water ones).

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The problem with tracking INSANITY is that your METs is a lot higher.... I mean, you arent just doing high-impact aerobics. You are (supposed to) be pushing yourself to your absolute extreme.

The best way to track these is via a HRM. If you don't have one, you can do something on your own by taking your pulse (count for like 6 seconds and write down that number, and then you can multiply that by 10 after the video so you can focus on the workout) after each interval and then before you start each interval, too. You can find the average HR and use an online HR to Cals Burned calculator. I like to do that because I don't think it counts as normal high-impact aerobics because it's an intense HIIT workout and the max HR% goal is entirely different.

But, if you don't want to do that, track the strength-training parts as circuit-training, and the stretching as stretching. I would break down the times- but keep the active time together (ie, include the resting periods in the time estimate) to account for the lower cal/min that high-impact aerobics will give.

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I'm doing insanity (on month 2, though I still can't keep up with all that they're doing). A quick search told me to list the reg exercises as 'high impact aerobics' (though I'm not sure if I should list it as the full length of the vid or skip the stretch minutes at the start & end).
But what about recovery days (cardio/max recovery)? I don't think that qualifies as aerobics at all! Maybe pilates or yoga or...
Anyone have any ideas what to put down for the recovery vids (and if I should note the other exercises as the full time or if I should cut ~10min and add that as a stretch)?
Thanks a ton!

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