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12/1/12 10:05 A

I have some floors that need mopping too if you're looking for more exercise minutes. emoticon

12/1/12 1:08 A

Terri thanks for the reply!!!

Coach Nancy that is why I thought I would only track it for a short time as I know that basic housework is averaged into the calories here. And it would be the only "housework" that I would be tracking. But right now for me it feels like I have walked a mile when I get done!!!!!

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11/30/12 8:00 P

Hi Cyndi.

Just be careful that you don't get too caught up in tracking too many active daily living activities as SparkPeople's program already factors in an active daily living multiplier for these activities. If you track all activities you may be hyper-inflating your calories burn figure which will hyper-inflate your calorie range. Remember calories burn is determined by the amount of oxygen one consumes in relation to large muscle activation.

I hope this helps!

Coach Nancy

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11/30/12 7:33 P

Sure it counts. If you are sweating and tired, you are burning energy. Look up heavy housework, or cleaning, and track your minutes.
Way to make it work!

11/30/12 7:25 P

Does weekly mopping of floors count as exercise for the day?? My house is about 1200 sq ft with all hard flooring materials and I do this weekly. It is something "new" for me as I was living with my daughter and did not have this level of housework to do and before that I had a husband that helped with the housework so it has been about 3 years since I have done it all. I feel that eventually I would not count it (after a month or so or when it becomes "easy") let's say when I quit dripping sweat and huffing and puffing!!! emoticon

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