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12/18/12 7:17 P

i study lots of belly dancing. so . . . to keep up on it I do lots of it. because there is such a BROAD range to learn.

also, i record my OTHER exercise under sparkmintues or fitness tracker or whatever its called.

I am slowly adding in some core exercises. SLOWLY. eventually I'll be adding in some back strengthening as well as interval training but thats not for a couple more weeks plus some strengthening exercises to "balance" teh belly dancers body so to speak.

60 some minutes of belly dancing isn't that much for studying DANCE

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12/18/12 5:24 P

I'd start lower and build it up, especially if you haven't been doing much activity up to this point. It's easier (and more positive) to add more time as you get stronger (and that could happen within a couple weeks) than it is to have to cut back or to stop completely if you can't reach an overly-ambitious goal at the start.

I used to begin exercise programs with tons of enthusiasm and then fail when my body couldn't keep up with what my mind wanted me to do. The hardest thing for me was admitting that I really did need to start with walking or with shorter, more intense sessions instead of jumping into an hour of heavy cardio each day. I literally began with ten minutes, just to build a five-day-a-week habit, and then tacked on another five minutes, then another five, and so on. Taking a few months to pull myself back and build a strong foundation is the reason I was eventually able to build that habit up to running half marathons.

The other side of it is the eating. As much as I love fitness and activity, the primary purpose of exercise isn't weight loss. That happens almost entirely through diet, especially with complications like PCOS. I was diagnosed with it ten years ago, and I spent the first seven of those exercising like mad and not losing a single pound because I wasn't paying attention to the food side of things.

Finally, you don't mention strength training. A lot of people think about adding it in down the road (often when they're close to goal), but it's really beneficial and should be there from the start along with the cardio.

Good luck!

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12/18/12 5:23 P

In coming up with an intake recommendation, Spark takes into account the weekly calories burne in your Exercise Goals. So significantly under-reporting your exercise levels may lead to Spark recommending an intake level to low to support your needs.

I know that pcos can slow weight loss, but I just don't know enough about it to know whether this justifies eating under the recommended range.

But I would always go with making a conscious, informed choice about undereating, rather than not realizing the choice you are making, even if your actual intake is the same in both cases. On this basis, I would recommend entering an accurate number into your Exercise Goals.

And as you yourself say, you may need to work harder. And I think it is more motivating to see your actual 'stretch' goal of 60-70 minutes, rather than a more moderate 45 minute goal.

Also, your post mentions lots of cardio, but doesn't say anything about strength training. Any good exercise program includes BOTH ST and cardio. ST should definitely be part of your program, even if that means cutting some cardio to make room for it.


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12/18/12 5:07 P

okay thanx.

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12/18/12 4:51 P

Don't necessarily go by time. Take a week or two and find a routine that works fr you. Get an estimate of calories burned for the week and plug that in. Until you get an idea of how much you're actually burning and hw much you can actually handle, put in the lower time. You also don't want to purposefully underestimated calories burned or you might end up not eating enough.

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12/18/12 4:46 P

I put in my exercise goals for 5 days a week at least 60 or 70 minutes of cardio.

Now I'm not so sure its such a good thing because ~

I have pcos and women with pcos have to work much harder than people without so maybe its better to put down 45 min 5x a week to keep my calories lower so I don't overestimate things?

would love some input there thanx.

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