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1/30/15 6:05 A

I have been diagnosed with MS and have lived with it now for 3 years--knowing what the problem is. Exercise has become a lifeline for me both physically and mentally. since the MS really effects my lower body I am working hard on some upper body and ab moves to strengthen my core. but, I am very careful with overdoing the cardio unless it is in the water. My goal this year is to be able to lift my body weight so if anything goes really wrong I can help myself move around---

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6/26/14 9:22 P

Just saw this success story about a long-time Sparker with MS. She talks about the exercise routine she worked out for herself, among other things. You even might try sending her a PM to see if she has some suggestions for you...

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6/19/14 7:39 A

My very good friend has MS and was referred to Tai Chi Classes because it helps a lot with balance and preventing falls.

Below are a couple links that you may find helpful:

Always check with your Dr prior to embarking on a program to ensure that it is appropriate for you.


CSROBERTSON621 SparkPoints: (130,182)
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6/15/14 6:38 P

To second what Coach Jen said, my mother-in-law suffers from MS, and did warm water aerobics for years, with good results. She was able to get a good workout, and it counter-acted some of the balance issues.

She unfortunately had relapsing/remitting MS that did some severe damage during one of her flare-ups very shortly before my wedding (wow - that's almost 17 years ago now!) that left her wheelchair-bound, and much more mobility-limited. However, her therapist still does water-based exercise with her, though mostly seated at this point. At this point she says the warm water helps with some of the pain/discomfort and stiffness issues she has.

Not sure what your specific situation is - I know some forms of MS have milder symptoms than others. (I had two friends diagnosed around the same time - one is almost totally disabled, and the other is still mobile enough that if you weren't aware of his MS, you might not guess there was anything wrong.) Talk with your doctor and/or your physical therapist to maybe get some more suggestions.

Good luck!

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 61,423
6/15/14 6:08 P

Your best bet is to talk to your doctor who can give you advice about what exercises to try and what you should avoid. One option you might want to look into is warm water aerobics. I know some YMCA's offer water exercise classes specifically for those with MS (where the water temperature is a little warmer than normal.)

Coach Jen

6/15/14 5:06 P

What would be good exercises for someone with ms?

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