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1/2/13 1:36 P

SP calculates your BMR (calories your body burns just living) and takes thate into consideration when coming up with your nutrition ranges. It takes your BMR plus a modifier for a fairly sedentary lifestyle. You might be able to change your modifier to "fairly active" or something, but I wouldn't count your job as exercise. Your heartrate isn't likely up very high for 10 minutes or more at a time, and it's part of your daily routine, so your body is used to it. You'll be "double dipping" if you count it as exercise, and you could end up with a caloric range higher than you should have. Also, realize that 2 pounds a week is a pretty lofty goal. If you have lots of weight to lose, it's doable, but that wlil taper off.

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
1/2/13 1:31 P

Your ticker shows you've already lost 6 pounds. Your spark page shows you've been a member since July last year. That's clearly not "too fast" in that time frame.

In what time frame did you lose the 6 pounds you've lost? If that has taken you 3 weeks or longer, then you don't have any reason to need to account for a more active job, as you're not losing it 'too quickly'.

If it was one week - I'd even say you still don't. It's quite common to lose a lot in the first week of being healthy. So I would see what your trends over a 6-8 week period are. If you are, then, losing over 2lb/week, then your job is probably more active than your calorie intake is accounting for and you need more food, but if not, then it's not making a difference.

SOLYHICO Posts: 75
1/2/13 1:20 P

i work in a crazy busy kitchen and am on my feet and on the go every shift.
i never counted this as exercise...i just figured it to be bonus calories!
even my busiest shift could never compare to an hour on my bike or a high intensity zumba class (my cardio of choice)
during my intensive weight loss phase i was averaging 2-3lbs most weeks and obviously some of those calories were being burned at work but i never tracked them

BUBBLEJ1 Posts: 2,981
1/1/13 10:29 P

When I waitressed at a busy restaurant I was fast walking for the better part of a 6-8 hour shift, lifting heavy plates etc. I never counted it as exercise. You could eat closer to the top of your range on work days, but other than that I wouldn't make any changes to your calories, or count it as moderate or heavy exercise.

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1/1/13 10:25 P

Hi Cherry,

While you do burn more calories than someone who has a more sedentary job, be careful that you don't replace your work for your need to participate in a formal exercise program. Below is a link to the Ask the Experts response to this type of question.

I hope this helps!

Coach Nancy

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1/1/13 10:10 P

I have a question about how many calories i need to eat a day to loose at most 2 lbs a week. I have a very active job. I am a saker and my towns local grocery store. What i do is sack people grocerys and take it to their cars, then put it in there cars. and on and on. so i walk Alot. slow walking but it also involves lifting waters etc... after im off i dont even feel like i did anything because im use to it.. but Doing this all day burns calories expecially since i do it most of the time for 8 hours a day.. I was wondering if someone could help me with this.. How do i set my plan for this. is it considered moderate exercise or heavy?

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