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GLORIAMAJDI Posts: 2,674
4/29/13 6:29 A

Congratulations on your journey to a healthier lifestyle! Sounds like you are doing a great job. As long as you are getting in the number of calories (and I also watch my protein, carb and fat intake each day to make sure I meeting the recommended minimum number of each), you are probably okay to lose a pound or so per week. Since you have less to lose, I would imagine it would be closer to a pound a week than two - which seems to be the case for you. I would be leery of trying to get to a "perfect" do you know what that is? Eating healthy and being active should result in weight loss but also consider your energy levels, how your clothing fits, your body measurements- even BMI. These are better indicators of good health than the scale. Remember, some people think it is better to eat a lot - we have been socialized to think that way, so if you are making healthy choices, don't let these people get you down!

MAYBER SparkPoints: (116,484)
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4/28/13 9:39 P

Everyone is different and do not compare yourself to others
If you feel good about what you are doing then it should be okay
The naysayers will lose weight at there own rate
One day at a time

RAKRHYME SparkPoints: (13,385)
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4/23/13 1:12 A

try to see what is the recommended calorie intake with your present level of activity. dont let too much of exercise drag you into the starvation mode which ofcourse results in weight loss from losing lean mass which also has the risk of rebounding weight gain.
if your calorie intake presently is good for your activity level , there is nothing to are well within the recommended healthy rate of weight loss.
when people lose weight somehow all of us are wired into thinking its because of something bad happening in their life or there is some sickness. just stick on and people shall no better soon...
dont starve yourself or over exert your body..make sure you feel energized always as crudely i feel it tell you whether you are actually starving urself or overdoing things...

congrats on your success :)

4/22/13 9:48 P

As someone else said below...track your food!

If you are eating more than your tracker says, then I wouldn't worry about what others are say. If you ARE having days where you eat less than 1200 calories...that needs to change.

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RODYANNE SparkPoints: (12,796)
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4/20/13 7:43 P

Seems to me you are doing well with your food and activities now. I would think there may be some envy involved by others making the comments to you.

MLS616 Posts: 157
4/20/13 10:17 A

I agree this is totally fine if you just became more active AND also started watching your nutrition at the same time.

When I was diagnosed with PCOS I lost 10 lbs in about a month! and now I've been trying to lose the last 5-7 for a couple years... hee hee.

It'll change and it will slow down. Just ensure you stay healthy when it does.

Cheers and good job!!


APPRIL Posts: 2,239
4/19/13 5:29 P

Congrats !

If you had changed nothing and lost 20 lbs in 4 weeks, that would definitely be cause for concern and a trip to the doctor's office.
Since you have changed the way you eat and the amount of exercise you do, 1 to 2 lbs per week is not a concern.

4/19/13 3:30 P

So, TARESA21, as the OP, how are you feeling now?

TANNERZ SparkPoints: (35,952)
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4/18/13 9:03 P

There is nothing wrong with your weight loss in 7 weeks, it's completely healthy. Some people are just jealous and provide negative feedback in spite.

EDELL1957 SparkPoints: (26,969)
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4/18/13 8:53 P

Well said

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,410
4/18/13 7:38 P

The vast majority of those types of comments will be one of these two things:

1) an attempt to compliment you. "oh my gosh you're on a diet, why! you look so good right now!" or "what do you mean you have 20 pounds to lose, i would kill for the bod you have right now!" are usually meant as compliments. Many people would feel uncomfortable responding to Diet News by saying "yep, bout time you decided to do something about that extra fat!" - they just WON'T. Instead they will be all "awww really? i never thought you needed to diet!" - so take these as compliments, and then carry on doing what YOU want to do.

2) sour grapes. "pfft look at miss skinny thinking she needs to diet" - consider the source. these are people that are threatened for whatever reason by positive-choices and successes of those around them. Ignore these comments for what they are, and carry on doing what YOU want to do.

The only comments about "fast weight loss" that you MIGHT want to take heed of, would be if a trusted/close friend/family/doctor were to pull you aside and say with grave concern "look, i am worried about you, you seem to be dropping weight so fast, getting so gaunt, you just aren't looking well - is everything ok?" THIS kind of comment indicates true concern for your wellbeing, and is perhaps worth listening to, even if ultimately disregarded.

I'm willing to bet that the comments you are receiving right now, are of the first two kinds.

So don't let it get to you! :)

4/18/13 7:36 P

Any time you start making changes for the better, you're likely to find a few folks around you who will try to stop you. Maybe your success will make them feel badly about the fact that they're not changing at all. Maybe they just like to criticize.

You're paying attention to what you're eating. You're exercising well. If YOU feel that you're losing too quickly, you can increase your protein and veggies. If YOU feel good about the way things are going... if you feel strong, your energy is good, you're not starving all the time, then you have no reason to listen to the busybodies.

You might want to watch that "reactionary" eating, though. The would will always be full of people with big mouths and some of them have tiny brains. You can't let them make choices for you. If you want to eat at Jack's, and it fits into your plans, go for it once in a while. Don't eat there, though, because some jerk is jealous of your success. You deserve better than that,

ABUFFKIN Posts: 2,233
4/18/13 3:26 P

12 pounds in 7 weeks is not too much. The recommended weight loss is about 2 pounds per week from what I have read. Sounds to me like you are doing great with staying active and monitoring your food intake. Don't let anyone rain on your parade, you are doing emoticon emoticon emoticon

CICELY360 Posts: 4,117
4/18/13 2:20 P

Congratulations on your weight loss. People need to remember that everyone loses weight at a different pace.

EDELL1957 SparkPoints: (26,969)
Fitness Minutes: (25,419)
Posts: 84
4/18/13 11:46 A

Before I was a post menopausal woman my weight just fell off. And never had an issue with gaining it back. Until now, so I have 20 pounds to lose, and with the right tools an guidelines I will lose it faster than most because if feeding the right food and working out it will come off. So you probably have a higher metabolism than most. We all burn at a different pace.

So don't be upset use good and healthy guidelines and you are good to go.

I am proud of you, stay strong and healthy. Ruth

CLARK971 SparkPoints: (29,641)
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4/18/13 10:33 A

archimedes and coach nancy make great points.

don't let others get you down. i started about where you did with a similar goal. i heard similar comments when i was losing weight. the comments i received seemed like insults masked as concern. there was a lot of easy places for me to cut calories (200-300 a day in my coffee or a serving of icecream and not 2.5 servings for example) and my weight loss was pretty steady. it took me 5.5 months to lose 24 pounds.

just make sure you are eating enough of healthy foods. if you are restricting your calories, the changes may not be something you can make into a lifestyle change.

edit: there are worse things to eat than jack in the box. emoticon

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MISSRUTH Posts: 4,125
4/18/13 7:54 A

I took a quick peek at your Nutrition Tracker.... it may be that you don't track everything you eat every day.... but there are a bunch of days where you're not getting 1200 calories.

Before I joined SparkPeople and started learning about nutrition and weight loss, I always thought ANY weight loss, would be fat loss. But like Coach Nancy explained, that's not true. We can lose bone and muscle and organ tissue too. Kind of like, our bodies cannibalizing themselves. UGH! It's so much more complicated than I'd thought.

So I agree that your loss is within healthy guidelines. A little unusual maybe... people with less to lose, usually lose slower. But you really might want to be sure you're eating enough every day, to get your body more focused on fat loss and reduce the possibility of losing muscle mass etc. I try every day, to make sure I hit the minimum calories in my range with good, solid heathy choices. Before I eat any treats or whatever. I don't drink, but I'd suggest you get the minimum calories in lean meat, whole grains, fruits & veg, dairy-- before you add in a beer or wine. I've found it really helpful to plan my day's meals and snacks in advance, so I can be sure I'm getting enough protein, carbs, fat, calories, etc.

Lots of us keep our weight loss progress to ourselves (except here on Spark) due to negative comments from the "general public". They might be jealous, or genuinely concerned about our health and well-being. But most of them don't really have enough of an understanding about nutrition and weight loss, to really know what they're talking about. Spark is just such a fabulous source of information and support.

ARCHIMEDESII SparkPoints: (171,078)
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Posts: 24,762
4/17/13 3:57 P


I agree with Coach Nancy, we all do lose at different rates. Some people seem to lose weight quickly at first. others lose more slowly. We're all different. a 12 pound loss in 7 weeks is still well within a health loss of 1-2 pounds per week. It's true that the closer a person gets to a healthy weight for their height, the longer it takes to lose those last 5-10 pounds.

I would say don't be alarmed if your loss happens to slow down. It's still really early in your weight loss journey. Let's see what happens in the next seven weeks.

One thing I will say is that rapid weight loss can be a sign of a medical problem. Perhaps that's why these people were concerned. If you didn't tell them you were trying to lose weight, the may have been worried that you weren't well when you started losing. I know many people don't like announcing they they are trying to lose because of the possible negative criticism.

I would see how your body responds over the next few weeks. As long as you're eating in a healthful manner and making sure your body gets all the vital nutrients it needs, I wouldn't worry about the comments.

TARESA21 SparkPoints: (2,396)
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Posts: 63
4/17/13 1:07 P

Should my cal intake be adjusted then? I was VERY sedentary before the the point of just sitting around all day while my kids ran around...a light bulb in my head went on when i bought my bathing suit for the year and didnt like what i seen..flubber. I chose to watch the content of my food and chose to pretty much get off my butt....i dont mind losing weight slower...we all would want the pounds to just fall off of course but i do want to be healthy

SP_COACH_NANCY SparkPoints: (0)
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4/17/13 12:34 P


Weight loss rates vary and I am reluctant to say you are doing so too quickly as you are still within the health guidelines of 1-2 pounds per. Just remember though that fat loss and weight loss are not the same takes a 3500 caloric deficit to lose 1 pound of fat which can be achieved by cutting back on how much we eat, participating in activities or in the best case scenario a little of each. That said, whenever one loses weight we will lose some fat, some lean body mass (bone, muscle, organ and connective tissue) as well as water.

My concern would be if you are achieving your weight loss primarily through calorie restriction your rate of which you may lose lean body mass may be accelerated, which is what you do not want to occur. So you need to make sure you are not eating less than 1200 calories a day--but know that this is for women who tend to be very sedentary--the more active you are the more calories your body needs--just like the more you drive the more gas your car needs.

Remember too that there is no perfect weight--the scale only measures your weight at that moment in time---our goal should be to incorporate the habits of healthy living so that we no longer worry about the number on the scale.

Coach Nancy

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COANNIE SparkPoints: (9,512)
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4/17/13 12:26 P

Taresa, I think you're doing fine. It could be the people who are saying these things to you are feeling bad that they aren't doing well on their health goals. If they are just friends and relatives and not your doctor or trainer, I wouldn't stress to much about it. You sound like you're doing great!

TARESA21 SparkPoints: (2,396)
Fitness Minutes: (1,118)
Posts: 63
4/17/13 11:47 A

Im a little upset, discouraged and kinda mad. I was tooting my 12 lbs of weight loss success in the last 7 weeks and all ive seen are people saying that im not fat enough to lose that fast and they are concerned for my health. Is it possible that i just got off my butt for once in my life and jumpstarted my metabolism. I started out at 160 and as of today am 148...i was 160 before i joined SP so it doesnt show. I have another 13 lbs to lose to reach my perfect weight. All i have been doing is staying within my Cal intake, i up'd my protien, drink tons of water and replaced my sugar/salty snacks with healthier choices. I only work out 5 days a week, sometimes i only have 5 min to even do anything. I run on my elliptical almost every day, sometimes only 5 min sometimes 15...i coach tball and run around with all my kids, and try to do at least 1-2 strength training each day, like crunches or pushups, and have done a few of the SP workout videos that are 5-10 min long. THe only thing out of the norm is the amount of yard work i have been doing on the weekend, and im not talking planting flowers, mor elike an hour or more of vigerous raking, shoveling dirt, dragging large branches from cut down trees....and i like to play catch with my kids and husband. Other than that i dont even feel like im working out enough. Some one give me some insight, ive been honest. I got so upset yesterday i kinda binged on Jack In the Box tacos...probably the worst food on the planet as far as health...i still put it in my tracker though.

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