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PEASCOD Posts: 13
7/11/06 5:19 P

Yes water intoxication can be a problem when you introduce a lot of water at once when you normally don't drink a lot. Try going slow, drinking smaller amounts spread out throughout the day. I keep a plastic bottle with a sports nipple on it filled with water and ice on my desk at work and carry one around with me at home and in the car. You can fill your bottle about half way and put in freezer and top it off with water and you can have cold water all day.

Another thing to look at is the water you are drinking. I live in a rural area and am on a community well that keeps it's water safe with a bleach...if I drink enough of that water I get sores in my mouth. Check what is added to your water or use bottled water.

One more thing. When you first start out changing your diet to a more healthy one and adding water your body will go through a cleansing process, throwing off impurities and such. It can really make you feel ill, particularly if you have had a bad diet before. Give it a couple of days, keep going with the water, gradually increasing over a couple of month's time. In about a week though the detox effects will be gone. It takes your body a while to adjust to all the healthy changes, but it will love you for it!

ZVEZDASTRIC SparkPoints: (0)
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7/11/06 6:10 A

emoticon that's why yesterday I felt so bad!
I drank 7 oz water in a couple of hours at work emoticon

MIZZTRIE Posts: 1,529
7/11/06 3:47 A

Good to know! I am going to give the slowing down a bit a try today and see if it makes a difference. Will also look into taking a mineral suppliment! TNX!!!!

OVASOUL Posts: 2
7/10/06 8:52 P

Our bodies need potassium as well as salt when we've flushed out electrolytes (sports drinks generally have potassium as well as salt :). A good mineral supplement may help as well. Also, if you're deficient in minerals you may also find yourself craving foods and feeling like you want to eat even though you're not actually hungry. Hope this helps somewhat :)

MIZZTRIE Posts: 1,529
7/10/06 6:25 P

Well, I'll be! I have learned a LOT today about water! I drink a lot of water but, I tend to chug a lug it a lot of the time! This could be contributing to why I feel weak and light headed! I will try not guzzling a 32 oz glass and spread it out during the day a little more and see if it helps! Thanks so much for the info on water intoxication! Makes a lot of sense!!!

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7/10/06 1:17 P

Get more salt. You have to have it if you are drinking a lot of water. 3000 mg should do the trick. try subbing some water with a sport drink

OVASOUL Posts: 2
7/9/06 5:15 P

Hi, the other poster is right about that being a sign of water intoxication which is a result of washing out electrolites from consuming too much water at once. Instead of drinking a whole large glass at once (which our bodies can't absorb so it runs through the kidneys and liver flushing out electrolytes on the way), try sipping water slowly throughout the day. If you sip water slowly your body has a chance to absorb it, you remain hydrated through the day, and you won't have that bloated feeling. Also, our bodies don't like extreme changes so if you never drink water then it makes sense to slowly increase the amount you drink rather than going from 0 to 8 overnight.

Also, often when we feel the desire to eat something what's really going on is that we are thirsty and want liquid. Our body isn't always very good at telling the difference between the two. When you're feeling hungry but don't actually have an empty, growling stomach, try slowly sipping a glass of water. This works not because it fills us up but because often what we really want is moisture!

We actually retain water when we're dehydrated so once your body is at a level of healthy hydration you'll actually be less bloated than before you started drinking water. And, being properly hydrated means that you'll have less muscle aches and pains from exercising.

RITAANN1 SparkPoints: (0)
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7/8/06 11:51 A

It makes me kinda queasy--I really dont like water lol unless I am really thirsty.I thought about buying no calorie carbonated water but it has some kind of sweetener, that I have read that isnt good for you.This will be the hardest part for me--drinking the water although I am trying--wish me luck on this one.

SHELBYCROPS SparkPoints: (0)
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7/8/06 8:16 A

I got of diet pop yesterday and only drink water 16glasses. I got sick to my stomach and I ended up eating a fruit snack and it got better. Hang in there and things will get better.

TLCOLLINS Posts: 496
7/8/06 7:37 A

That doesn't sound good. Give it a couple of days, and it should all settle down. I know for the first few days I felt like I was going to explode and be sick from all the water, but now I drink at least 10 glasses, and feel like I am not drinking enough!

CAROLINE1971 SparkPoints: (0)
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7/8/06 4:17 A

Yes maws05! Last sunday night my feet swelled up, never had that beofre in my life. Not even when pregnant. Never drank as much water in my life either lol
Caz xxxxx

JENNYWREN93 Posts: 1,878
7/7/06 9:00 P

What you are experiencing is called "water intoxication". If you drink too much water too quick, it can throw your electolytes off, and cause you to feel "drunk" aka dizzy,etc. my suggestion is to cut back on water consumption for about a week. Cut back to 1 glass (8 oz) per meal (if you do snacks, then do 8 oz per snack if you want) but drink it slow, space it out. It will take you a while to get over this, but when you do, slowly work up to the amount you want as your target oz.

You may google water intoxication and see what you find, and you may go to see your dr and see if he has any other ideas about it. either way, you will eventually get over it. It can be dangerous if it goes unchecked or for too long, but now that you know what it is.....! ;)


MAWS05 SparkPoints: (0)
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7/7/06 7:44 P

i have had water make me feel sick..i am having that problem right now because i believe my body isn't use to it...i am also retaining some of it too... has anyone had that problem? retaining from drinking to much?

CAROLINE1971 SparkPoints: (0)
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7/7/06 4:52 P

No but i have got headaches. I think its like everything though, once your body adjusts, its onwards and upwards. Might even indicate how little water we were drinking before! Its certainly true in my case.
Caz xxxx

BUFFEDSTUFF Posts: 11,303
7/6/06 5:46 P

gosh that sound terrible, I have never had that problem ouch

ASHLEY71084 Posts: 8
7/6/06 5:31 P

When I drink a lot of water I feel dizzy. It makes me feel horrible! Since 9 I have drank 8 8 0z. That is about right... right?

thanks- ashley

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