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EELPIE Posts: 2,700
4/29/14 3:07 P

Enter it yourself. You are responsible for you.

Sometimes packages change (manufactures change sizes, ingredients, etc.). Some user entries seem to be completely lackadaisical, as well. Some people don't type well, some people round calories down, carbs up, some don't care about sodium.

lol...I've seen different entries for sugar dots. I was like, messed that up that badly?

Trust yourself only. If you are eating something that has no label (15 almonds) - google the food "nutrients almonds". If you eat something often, add it to your favourites, or create groups for more convenience.

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 25,734
4/29/14 3:03 P

Yep - there are huge inconsistencies.
That is why you should always go by the information on the package YOU have.

Sizes change, recipes change, things differ from area to area!

SARIMILL Posts: 35
4/29/14 2:52 P

There are times when I search a package food that I have on hand and I will get different result as far as the nutrient list on the exact same item. When I enter a food I put it in as exactly as it says on the nutrition facts on the package. It doesn't seem like alt of others here do the same. tor example this box of millville fruit and grain cereal bars strawberry carb. One on here says 26 g and another says 28g. My box says 27g. I know I can put my own in. And it might not matter to anybody else. But since I have severe Type1 insulin pump dependent diabetes. And my doctor said I am insulin sensitive I need to be exact as I can when counting carbs. Thank you for your time.

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