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8/7/13 4:44 P

Hey Pammy, I could do stairs slowly as soon as I got home from hospital. (I had the op on Monday afternoon and went home Wednesday evening - I would have gone on the Tuesday evening if it hadn't been for the awful wind pains.) I went upstairs on the Wednesday and came down a couple of times on the Thursday. Unfortunately I then became poorly and threw up every time I moved (I think the anaesthetic didn't agree with me) and I didn't go downstairs again till the Sunday, but that was because I was so ill, not because of the pain. I was still experiencing bad wind pain but not enough to cripple me like it did on the Tuesday night. My shower is in the bath so, when I was well enough to shower, someone brought a stool upstairs and helped me in and out the shower the first few times. After about 3 days I was confident to do it myself with the stool to stand on so I didn't have a huge step down.

GARDENDIVA2 Posts: 612
8/7/13 3:25 P

One thing that I forgot about and do not see mentioned in other posts. Stairs. My house is full of stairs so I was fortunate to be able to stay at my parents house for the first few weeks. I remember going for my first post op appointment a week after surgery. There were 2 small steps down to get to the office. That was very painful. At about 3 weeks I could go up and down a few steps but very slowly.

SUZIEQUE77 - I do not kow about the others but I had pre-cancer cells on my pap smears for 2 years in a row. That is why they did the hysterectomy. However, not having the monthly stuff is really nice.

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8/7/13 8:31 A

Why is it that I always got doctors that don't go for the quick fix. Maybe I am luckier than I think for not having it done. My sister had it done for endromeriosis and maybe something else, I don't know but she never complained and was glad it was done. I think she kept her ovaries or one ovary, or something.

I had problems with excessive bleeding and other things but they did that Novasure thing which they claim "no more periods" for 90% of the woman who have that proceedure. No such luck for me. I am 54 with no sign of this monthly stuff stopping any time soon! I hate aging, but having those end would be one benefit that I would welcome.

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8/6/13 11:53 P

I was lucky that loose dresses and leggings were in style when I had mine done. I did not want to wear pants at all for about six months. Yoga or sweat pants a size too big are good too. Hold a pillow to your abdomen if you need to cough or laugh! Sitting up in a chair was pretty uncomfortable for me for several months.

Make sure to ask about exercise restrictions post surgery. On the plus side, you will lose as much as 5 pounds once the swelling goes down!

This is a big surgery, and even if you have it done laproscopically it is not a walk in the park. For me it was pretty emotionally tough too, but your situation is difference since you already have children.

Best wishes and good luck to you.

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GARDENDIVA2 Posts: 612
8/6/13 6:01 P

I had mine done 10 years ago. I had the open incision due to the endemitriosis. I also had my ovaries removed. If you have not already done so, you should ask the pros and cons of keeping your ovaries as they can be a source of cancer later in life. A second opinion is always a good idea.

After the surgery, remember that song we sang as kids about the bones being connected. It is true. Moving your foot the wrong way will cause great pain in your abdomen. I saw stars when I went to move a box with my foot. Even if you have the keyhole surgery, they do cut you inside. Sometime it is easy to forget.

Everyone here has some good advise. I was stir crazy by the end of the second week at home so make sure you plan ahead. Obviously you should not be exercising but I did take a short walk everyday just to keep moving.

Good Luck and enjoy any help that you get.

FAITHP44 Posts: 8,375
8/6/13 5:27 P

Hi Pammy
Even if you're having keyhole surgery don't expect anything of yourself for at least a fortnight - and don't let them send you home too soon. If you have keyhole surgery (which lets you heal up the quickest) they have to pump you full of gas to separate the organs.) The result of that for me was that, just as I was getting ready to go home the next day, I started to have terrible wind pains. I think some pain is normal, but I don't think the level of pain that I had was normal as it seemed to take the nurses by surprise.
However, once I'd got over that, my recovery was quite fast.
You didn't say how old your children are. You will need help - no cooking, childcare etc for a few weeks so make sure you're stocked up with books and DVDs and get plenty of rest. And then no lifting for a few months.
This time last year I was recovering from mine - but I'm fine now!
Hope it goes well and that you're feeling fine in a few weeks.

ICEDEMETER Posts: 1,332
8/6/13 2:51 P

You might want to check out this website for information, forums, and support:

As Lilliputiana mentioned, it's a really good idea to get a second opinion about this, or any other, surgery.

Your response to the surgery will depend on many factors, including the method being used (laparoscopic vs open incision, for example). I had it done with a full open incision, and it took a while to heal. Please make sure that you ask all the questions and are fully informed on appropriate diet before and after surgery, what pain killers to use, side-effects of those pain killers (and how to deal with those), appropriate activity levels, and your surgeon's opinion on what your recovery period might be like.

Good luck, and hope you're feeling better soon!

8/6/13 12:36 P

Make sure you have a second opinion. Often that procedure is done without any need. Doctor's use it as a quick fix...and it is very rarely in the best interest of the patient to get that particular surgery.

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8/6/13 12:27 P

I am 39 years old and a mother of 4. I am having a hysterectomy ( keeping ovaries) in a week due to endometriosis. Would love whatever tips and advice anyone has the time to share with me.

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