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7/24/13 7:17 P

Hi Rebcca.....Thank you for your very nice note & info. I will definately look into it. I'm trying my best to check in here & other groups as much as possible.
thanks again. cheers & all the best to you in your journey.


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7/23/13 11:02 P

Hello Mizzen,

Above is a link a Spark Teams for diabetic Sparkpeople. There are numerous other teams if you type in 'Diabetics" in Spark Team search box. One of these teams or more should give you just the right support you need.
I wish you success. emoticon

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7/23/13 3:29 P

Hello....I am Diabetic 2 & would like more support in eating in portion control, checking my blood sugar every day. I eat healthy most of the time but when I go off the track its just one day & I get back on track. :) I haven't check my blood sugars in quite sometime. I am getting some help w/ a temporary coach from a nutrition from Kaiser & she's been helpful. We just talked & I'm suppose to write a note every day here to let people know when I've checked my blood sugar & how I can reward myself to keep me motivated. So am just wondering if I can get some encouragement here...:) Thank you for reading this. cheers to all...

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