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8/22/11 4:12 A

The only thing that worked for me after years of calorie restriction and strict weight watching, was re-learning how to gauge when my body is physically - not emotionally - hungry, and then re-learning how to gauge when my body is physically - not emotionally - full. Also, practicing techniques for pinpointing and managing difficult emotions and stress. Feel free to check out my blogs for information on how it works (Would start from the oldest blogs first).

AMZY68 Posts: 400
8/22/11 3:49 A

I agree with everything thats been suggested! Small goals really help with your motivation. You need to set them then make a plan of how you will get there if you want any chance of succeeding. Well done for acknowledging you have a problem with emotional eating - thats the first step to overcoming it. When you feel the urge to eat when you know you're not hungry, try to find the real cause of the craving and address that first. Look after yourself mentally and the physical side will get so much easier.

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8/22/11 12:21 A

Agree with Nancy with suggestions.. Blogging can make people aware your feeling down and give the support you need non food wise..

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8/19/11 12:02 P

You've had some great suggestions: I'd like to second the idea of making your goals for each day measurable--and SMALL. Maybe make one week's goal drinking 64 oz. of water daily. Or add one serving of veg. to your daily diet. It takes a month, say most experts, to create a new habit. By giving yourself specific, manageable goals, you may be able to short-circuit the emotional roller-coaster just a bit--just enough to create new paths to walk in.

The Emotional Eaters team is very supportive. It might also be wise to find and join an active team that shares an interest you do: that way you are simultaneously addressing your 'problem' and (again) building new paths of healthier mind-sets.

Good success to you.

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8/19/11 12:23 A

There are teams on the community tab that are for emotional eaters. Join one and find an accountability partner.

Check out the motivation articles on the healthy lifestyle tab. Read motivational blogs and inspirational stories on the community tab.

Setting some specific goals will help you feel a sense of accomplishment. Reach for an apple next rime you need to feed that emotion. You can do it!

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8/18/11 10:41 P

Also when you feel the stress/emotions becoming too much, go for a walk to clear your mind. Exercise does wonders to help you through emotional times.

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8/18/11 8:24 P

Maybe "do better" isn't clear enough for you. Do better at what? It seems like you're in a continual cycle of wanting to lose weight/get healthy, not taking the steps needed, feeling lousy, etc. That cycle is hard to break but it is doable.

How about writing down some small goals that will make "do better" less daunting. Eat fruits/veggies, have water before pop, no fried food, limit 1 sweet a day, walk for 10 minutes, etc. Not all of them but maybe one or two to work on this weekend and into next week. Believe me, when you start doing these little things day after day (or pretty consistently) your confidence builds and you want to do more!

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8/18/11 8:07 P


So sorry to hear you are struggling. One thing I have learned in my own 6 1/2 year journey to healthy living is that food is never the solution to facing the emotions in our lives.

Have you considered keeping a journal? Blogging? Joining some SparkTeams that interest you? All of these activities may help you take the focus off the food and allow you to see your life in a different perspective. I hope this helps!


TRUETOU Posts: 57
8/18/11 7:12 P

i've been with sp awhile now...every night i go to bed vowing to do better the next day but always seem to fail.
i have some emotional issues and seems like i need to feed them. but food is a lousy friend.
anyone have any help or suggestions for me?? would b appreciated !!

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